Bye EMC.

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you some bad news. I'm leaving Minecraft.

    I'm leaving because Minecraft just doesn't seem that fun anymore. Also, today I had a bad day. I lost a UHC, for no reason my friends hate me.. so yeah. I'm quitting.

    But, yes! I'll still type on the EMC Forums. Of course I wouldn't leave them! I'll always come on EMC for the EMC Events. But that's the only time I'll be playing Minecraft.

    I'm not doing a Giveaway, because I'll still come for Events, I just won't be playing as much as I do now.

    Minecraft isn't that fun anymore. I don't wanna play it anymore. I'll miss you all a ton. This is the greatest server ever! So I'll miss playing on it.

    This is my last Thread, and my last post. (Except for status posts).

    Bye-Bye, EMC.

    (Also, I'll be responding to comments in this thread). But, not all the time I'll respond to all comments.

  2. Sorry to see you go. EMC will always be here :) I'm confused though. I thought you quit last week?
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  3. Welp, Im sorry to hear the mc isn't fun any more. Im glad you'll still be on the forums, but if your friends "hate" you just contact me or any one; Im willing to be any ones friend and Im sure the community wouldn't mind a new friend to be friends with as well. :)

    I wish you good fortune in the future, and hope that one day you would return :).

    Sorry I can't quote you ThaKloned, I thought the same thing :p
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  4. When I get bored of something, I just play something else for a while. Of course, you're gonna get bored of Minecraft. Take a break come back when you feel like it. I took a break for like 2 years.
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  5. Well, perhaps you might get attracted to Minecraft once again in the future! :) Be sure to try it every one in a while, I think the spark will come back, be it sooner, be it later.
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  6. It's always sad to see a player leave, but sometimes a simple break can fix the issues you're having on Emc right now.

    I hope to see you back :)
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  7. :( I'll miss you! Hope you find a different game you enjoy! <3
  8. New game recommendation: Jak and Daxter series

    BTW Lost frontier is not cannon!

    Jak X isn't either.

    also Naughty Dog, bring Crash bandicoot and Jak And Daxter into PS3 and PS4, quit giving me Last of Us and Uncharted crap
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  10. I don't hate you
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  11. Good luck in your future endeavors, but I have a serious case of deja vu right now.
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  12. You and f_Builder_s in the same day? :'-(
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  13. And I thought EMC was getting better since Aikar became the new owner,
    well, Minecraft came out in 2009 and... sorry, almost got carried away with some Gaming history, say if you want me to actually give you the full history.

    Also if its because Aikar is the new owner... I'm gonna say one thing to all y'all, TAKE OFF YOUR NOSTALGIA GLASSES!!!
  14. The Aikar thing was over a long long time ago, and I don't think they left because of that :p
    Heck, I think HelloKittyRo joined way after that..
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  15. I know I sure did :p
  16. Also, I totally didn't confuse your username with f_Builder_s's earlier today..
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  17. When? lol. If I had mumble this'd be so much easier :p
  18. Remeber the "Y u leave us" (In a convo with you and SEPTHEKID)
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  19. Oh lol :p
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