Buying: one sponge

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  1. I am in need of one sponge. Hopefully someone out there has one they will sell or trade. Please pm me and we can work something out. Thanks:)
  2. Did you ever get ahold of any sponge? I cleared out an ocean monument yesterday so I have some.
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  3. I could sell you one for 11K.
  4. I'm guessing shop, when it updates, will be cheaper than that...
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  5. I've seen 'em go for more than what I'm offering!
  6. Perhaps, but shop doesn't have them yet, so Evesthery could perfectly ask that :)
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  7. I haven't seen anyone selling them less than 10k.
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  8. Then i'll sell you one for 10k xD

    Edit: well, real offer is inside a PM lol
    And yeah i'm not too keen on selling many of my sponges either... Though my reason is cuz i wanna build my own monument on my 2nd res xD
  9. I don't plan on selling mine for over 10k, as I think that price is ridiculous. I don't really plan on selling most of mine at all since Khixan and I are still working on drying out monuments. I'm just saying from what I've seen, they haven't gone lower.
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  10. I have over a stack of sponge, I may be able to spare one :)
  11. Care to donate them all to me?
    Lmao xD
  12. I think I may be good, working on a deal with someone. thanks for the replies:)
  13. Guess who? LOL.
  14. Really now...
  15. I'm actually looking at half a stack. So I mayear visit a few of you this :p
  16. You see I would but there is a funny little thing called no XD
  17. :(
  18. Good thing I have over a stack, raided a water temple annoying thingie. 5 big bosses? Really 1.8?
  19. Hey mark, the sponges are not hard to get. I think we got almost 1/2 a stack just from the one temple.

    OFC, they will be priced high until the hype dies down :rolleyes:
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