1.8 Wet sponge search [COMPLETED]

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by BigDavie, May 5, 2015.

  1. Be the first to collect a wet sponge and sell it to my shop on smp9.

    There is only one space so first to sell gets the 100000r.
  2. That's a buy shop, in other words, we're buying the sponge from you.
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  3. You saw nothing.....[QUICK EDIT MODE ON]
  4. I found an Ocean Monument in the Frontier, though I have no Water Breathing potions, nor Depth Strider gear, and even if I could get a sponge, it'd be a while before I could get back to Town. However, I shall try.
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  5. WOW that was fast.
    ninjaboy5656 just collected 100,000r
  6. Aww, I was still in the process of brewing Water Breathing potions with the pufferfish I just caught. Oh well, gg ninjaboy5656!
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  7. Aww I just got it. Good job ninjaboy.
  8. I got really lucky to say the least... :p
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  9. Oh yeah, ocean temples/dungeons are in 1.8...
  10. i also got a sponge
  11. Ditto - ninja was WAY too fast.
  12. Haha, congratulations! Your name fits your actions, once again ;)
  13. Theres a temple not farfrom a wild outpost on one of the servers lol