[Buying] iDay Helmet (Unopened Chest)

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  1. Please stop posting nonsense around the forums and trolling, it is not acceptable and heavily looked down upon. Your posts are removed because they break the rules of the forums, and as you are not new to the forums you should know what is acceptable and what is not. :)
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  4. I can get you 2014 cake and not special dirt. I think I still have some legit not special dirt..
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  5. Some of the promo shops I know of are at 9001 /v septhekid and /v btharrold98
    They might have some of these promos
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  6. Oh nice ty for that info. I will check them out :)
  7. I have *Empire firework* 2014 version
  8. To add onto this there is: /v 18200 (gift shop part), /v 8992, /v 4005, /v 2020 (Open sporadically), /v 2000, /v +gg (smp6), /v 9500, and if you didn't find what you need from those try going from server to server doing /v +promo. ;)
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  9. I am beginning to think that it's part of the rules to have a smiley face in your post whilst moderating.
  10. Birthday Cake 2013 - Although I'm not quite sure, I'd say around 200k-300k?
    Birthday Cake 2014
    Empire Firework 2013 - 26k
    Empire Firework 2014 - 18k
    Empire Firework New Years 2012 - 40k
    Empire Firework New Years 2013
    Independence Day Firework 2013 - 24k
    Independence Day Firework 2014 - 25k
    Holiday Pick - 70k
    Incitatus - 130k
    Saltar - 130k
    Valens - 130k
    Independence Chest - 50k
    Independence Helmet - 5ok
    Independence Chest (Unopened Chest Form) - 60k
    Independence Helmet (Unopened Chest Form) - 60k
    Labor Bench 2013 - 24k
    Not Special Dirt - I'd say less than 5 rupees each, because it's really just renamed dirt.

    Hope this helps, although I'm a bit rusty on some of the prices, like the promo horses.

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  11. I've sent you a PM. :)
  12. Updated list...
  13. Updated list... Acquired the iDay Chest, Helmet & Pants.
  14. Big thanks :p Few more to go!
  15. Apologies, I misunderstood this thread!
    I thought it was a selling thread and you were reselling the item I just sold you.
    Once again apologies
  16. Hah.. I would never do that. I buy promos for me :)
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