[BUYING] A Spawn Residence

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  1. [BUYING] A Spawn Residence

    Dear Munchkins,

    Soooo some of you might have noticed, from time to time, I advertise that I am looking for a spawn residence. The time has come to create a thread as I've gotten too little offers... When I first joined I'd spend hours exploring spawn residences and I'd wound up lost or on some wild adventure. I think it's time for me to create new adventures and accomplish my biggest goal on EMC, to build a mansion on a residence next to /town.

    I'm not sure what bait to offer as I haven't gotten any precise offers this far. I'd be willing to give you a couple of rupees (maybe even in the melons), promos, blocks and more... I just want a seller to emerge from the shadows and I know we can strike a deal in some way or another.

    NOTICE: I am incredibly desperate to have a spawn residence as soon as possible and am willing to pay whatever! Just please give me an offer, I especially have my eyes on the sever SMP2 and SMP5. :confused:

  2. Yeah either you have long time members who are not going to sell spawn residences without trading your kidneys or members who have derelict protection and have been long gone/inactive. Not to mention the amount of SS/Community/owner/staff members who have hold of those residences.

    Good luck, I have gave up my quest 5 years ago.
  3. Good luck!
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  4. If it was possible, it'd be cool if you could get a spawn res on SMP6, and breathe a bit of life back into the server, but...

    ... even on SMP6, all of those are taken... :\
  5. man still looking, huh? used to be way easier, lol
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