[BUG] Elytra would not deploy

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  1. on Monday night, at around 8:30ish (GMT) I was exploring the End by using an Elytra and rockets, however my elytra stopped replying when I pressed the space bar on my laptop. This then caused me to die in the void and I lost all of my items.
    Is there anything staff can do to get my stuff back as I had a lot of items that I worked hard to get :) thanks
  2. This has happened to me multiple times. But when I died, before hand I was adjusting my range of chunks. Hopefully it does get fixed
  3. It is the void so probably not..
  4. Yes its been a problem for some time, I am hoping that the new potion of slowness will fix this, as long as its not nerfed
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  5. that's a shame, I had a mending / infinity bow on me and all my god armour and sword :( I had a few end items that I had got in the end such as an enraged shucker head. I really hope staff could at least help me replace some of the items I lost, as it was due to a bug, and not me dying accidentally :/ (im sorry if I sound rude and entitles im just really annoyed about losing my stuff lmao)
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  6. Yea same but that was due to no fault of my own when I died in the end. Sorry that happened :(
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  7. I mean could they at least make me a new bow because you can't get mending and infinity on bows anymore ?
  8. Even though it could have been a bug, they probably won't compensate for it. There is a risk for having a precious bow out there
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  9. if they new about the bug why didn't they warn the players, if I knew about the bug then I wouldn't have risked it with my good items. they should have put up a notice in the chat when you enter the end.
  10. Not necessarily, they might not be aware of the bug. Regardless if they are or aren't, it is the owners responsibility for bringing an item that isn't normal (promo or uncraftables) into a dangerous area with a possibility of losing it. That's just my opinion
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  11. there has been multiple threads about this bug, suggesting that it's an issue they know about. your example of it being the players responsibility for bringing special items into a dangerous area is like company that sold computers that would spontaneously combust, saying that its the consumers fault that they left their new $1000 watch next to their computer when it exploded.
    in that case the company would have to compensate the consumer, right?
  12. EMC takes no responsibility for stuff lost in these types of situations, any compensation would be out of the staff's good will. I believe there's a group that helps people get their stuff back after griefing and stuff, just by giving you money, maybe they can help you.
    When I am flying around the end, I keep f3 open so I can monitor my height and I try to fly high up. If I my elytra fails to deploy or something, I just log out and log back in and I'm fine.
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  13. have a link to the group?
    I would also like to get a response from the staff about what's going to happen regarding this glitch, other people have been effected and I think they should at least put up a sign or something in the end warning players about the elytra bug
  14. I do not. Hopefully someone else know's what I'm talking about because I can't remember what they're called.
  15. I'm not sure if they would, but anyway it doesn't seem like a sound analogy to me.
    Extendingskys_ is probably talking about GRIP, and here's the thread, but they (unfortunately) don't exist anymore, since a month or two.
  16. When ever I go to the end I use my voters armor, anything of value I put in an ender chest, so the only thinks I tend to have on me are voters armor, silk pickaxe basic, elytra and rockets if I die, I only lose these. When I find a city I open ender chest and gear up for battle, a bed is also helpful to set spawn in case you die from endermen or shulkers.

    Due to lag and the void I don't tend to go out very often I could do with a few hundred shulker boxes so I am waithing for the potion of slow falling.
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  17. I don't know that this is just a bug so much as it is a combination of different factors. I tend to have problems deploying the elytra when I am experiencing lag. Sometimes in that case it won't deploy the like first 5 times i try but on the 6th time it will work. If you are flying in the end I would recommend not trying to deploy over the void, nor at a high altitude. I have had a lot of trouble with this but only when I am lagging and as was said before, if you relog it should fix it, just don't try to start flying where you can die if your elytra doesn't deploy. That is a risk you decide to take yourself.
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  18. Another tip is have some ender pearls in your menu bar, just don't trow them in the void :D
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