[BUG] Elytra would not deploy

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  1. the problem is I wasn't experiencing any lag and as I was falling into the void I did try relogging but it didn't fix it
    I assume that I am not going to get a reply from staff about if they are going to try and fix this bug or even release a warning. Its also a shame that GRIP no longer exists. I guess I have learnt my lesson about going into the end with non soulbound items. the lack of help or clarity from staff is very discouraging and upsetting to me as I remember from a few years ago when staff (and other players) would go out of their way to help the community (maybe I'm just looking at it 'through rose coloured glasses or it was because I made friends with the staff)
    its just a shame to be honest
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  2. If you think it's a bug then you can send a PM to the devs, one of the stickied threads for this subforum is in fact "How to report a bug" which is much more likely to be seen and dealt with than a thread. Those devs are too busy coding to read every thread :aikar:
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  3. I know what you mean, but I think its still lag or a delay in the Elytra opening not sure why it happens but if you ever watch any of the Hermitcraft videos they have the same problem at times so its no unique to EMC.

    You try pm Aikar, but as I mention above not unique to EMC

    I think the bow you lost is the item you would like back but not many of them exist now, except players who no longer play anymore.

    I accidentally destroyed one of mine some time ago with mending and infinity I think I only have 1 left.
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  4. That is unexpected to me! As we knew long before EMC was updated that the possibility was going to be removed but the old bows wouldn't be, I reckoned that chests of them would be made in advance. I guess Mending might be rare to begin with, so it was hard to do this.
  5. thanks for the responses everyone :),

    if its a Minecraft server bug not an emc bug I can assume that its going to be fixed in the next update and there for don't want fill up Aikars inbox with messages about something that's soon to be fixed

    Im sorry I came off rude and arrogant in this thread, it annoyed me and I have had exams this week and have been kinda stressed, hopefully I will be getting a new bow soon and I will be much more carful with this one, and I will now only be taking soul bound / items I can lose into the end :)
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  6. I didn't notice, but completely understand, exam time can be stressful for everyone. I have an oral exam on Monday and written one in a few weeks, but I am happy I just got 82% in my last assignment, Woops ...

    All the best with your exams, and anyone else dealing with them also
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  7. Your probably right, someone somewhere may have a few of them