[H&S] How to Report a Bug

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  1. As discussed in this thread, EMC has a system to handle, test and file all bugs that players run into on Tracker.

    In order to make bug lists more organised, cleaner and get problems fixed quicker the staff would appreciate your help when you submit these problems. Please follow this format or something similar! :)

    How do I report a bug?
    The most preferred way is to report the bugs that you come across via a PM on the forums.

    You can use the following link to the pre-fill the 'Start a Conversation' page with the current Development Team: pmdev.emc.gs

    Also remember to tick the box that lets them add others to the conversation.

    If it is a duplication bug or one that allows players to grief, immediately private message Aikar and Chickeneer as well as other Senior Staff+ members such as Krysyy.

    How do I format the conversation and what do I include?
    When submitting the bug please include:
    • What it is
    • How it happened to you, how you found it
    • If you were able to reproduce the bug, how did you do it? Please include detailed steps
    • Any other information regarding the bug or the situation/location (get coordinates with /location) you were in, even if you're not sure that it would help.
    • The more detail the better
    What should I report?
    Please ONLY report bugs that occur on EMC. If you're not sure though, send it and we can check it out. If it's a Mojang/Minecraft bug, you can submit that here.
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  3. Guys I found a horrible bug here :(
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  11. I don't know if this is a bug/glitch or not, but yesterday evening I was out in the frontier and it said, "The ground shakes nearby" and I knew that that meant a momentous spawned. Then about 5 minutes later it said, "You sense an eerie presence" and I knew that a marlix had spawned. My difficulty was on 3 which is low and the chances of both spawning at around the same time is really uncommon. Then this morning Makabby and I were both out in the frontier on smp6 and our difficulties were both set at 3. A momentous spawned and we asked ItMeWolffPack to come help us fight it. About 30 minutes after we defeated it, I got the message saying "you sense an eerie presence". And just a few minutes ago I got another "The ground shakes nearby" message. I was just wondering if it will continue to do this because of a bug or I was just 'really lucky' and had it happen to me 3 times within 24 hrs. If it is possible I would like the big mobs to stop spawning. I have lived in the frontier for over 6 months and nothing like this has ever happened. Thanks ~MonkeyMakabby:)
  12. we (friend and me) had the same thing when we went to our mining base on smp9. when u were there for a few moments wham! mini boss spawned. but this was a small glitch, Aikar increased spawn rates.

    i looked it up for u:


    it was kinda crazy but it has been changed back to normal.
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