Broken arm...?

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  1. I think I broke my arm. Some kid (I'm 5 foot, he's 6'1 foot) picked me up, threw me against a bench, I landed on my elbow, and I was screaming. He picked me up again, this time I landed on the same arm, but on my wrist.

    I swear i've done something to it, because I was on ice for 50 minutes, it hurts like hell still, and i've had 2 painkillers. The pain's come back now.

    So, have any of you broke your arms, or a bone, before?

    Also, i'm crazy, but can you give me a clearer view as to if I have broken it or not? Once my dad comes back home from work, my mum's taking me to get an x-ray.
  2. I've never broken any bones before... but why did you get thrown against a bench?
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  3. I don't know. He's in exclusion after this half term.
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  4. Used to be a bully like that at our school. Well, let's put it this way, New kid joins, bully attempts to punch him in the face (Unprovoked), Bully leaves with 8 broken fingers and a broken wrist. (Turns out the new guy was a pro boxer)

    As for your broken elbow, I can assure you, you would be in too much agony to conjure up a sentence, It's probably just sprained.
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  5. I'm using one arm to type, and use my mouse. I can't play, it's just too painful to stretch my arm. I can't bend it more than 5 centimeters otherwise I will scream.
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  6. I don't know what it feels like to have a broken arm, but I do know what it should feel like.

    Stinging near the skin, Pain in the Elbow and Wrist, Swelling, Pain Along your Radius/Ulnul(I think is what it's called.)
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  7. Ouch! that sucks. Yesterday my best friend got stabbed right by his heart and bled a pint of blood. the guy who stabbed him had a stash of over 140 illegal automatic weapons, and is serving 40 years in federal prison. Hope your arm feels better, bro!
  8. Blimey, the Justice System works quickly
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  9. not sure if trolling or if your best friend hangs around really sketchy people :p

    But in all seriousness. I hope you will get good news after visiting the Doctor. I haven't actually broken any bones - and hope to keep it that way
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  10. I am seriously not trolling. He was at his friends house, and the person who stabbed him was his friend's mentally unsound brother. He stabbed back at the guy who stabbed him, and got him straight in the heart. He almost died.
  11. That is terrible - is your friend alright. *I feel bad for distracting from the OP*
  12. He's alright. And yes its terrible. and i feel bad too :confused: sorry SoulPunisher
  13. Ow. Sounds hurtful.. hope you get better soon :]
  14. I have one thing to say: Ouch.
  15. It's a shame you're lying. Seeing as it takes about 6 weeks for the US judicial system to convict someone and seeing as it happened yesterday. Well, Nice try.
  16. something seemed funny about it. Just couldn't quite put my finger on it... lol, then I reread it... Isn't realistic in the slightest
  17. I knew there was something fishy about it, but
  18. If there is a specific point on top of your arm where it hurts like hell, and another point directly under your arm where it hurts like hell, you could have a broken arm. If the two points are diagonal, but it hurts like hell in a general area line-ish area between them (diagonal break), you could have one. To test points, i would lay it flat on a pillow, and then lightly poke around at it. No need to poke with a normal amount of force, as it will be quite obvious where the points are. Thats what my doctor told me to do after the first few times i broke my arm. He told me that if i couldnt feel any obvious points, to wait it out. Im not telling you to wait it out though, as your injury was much more violent than any of mine! Also, you should post pictures of the xrays!
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  19. I am not lieing... He is being convicted he isnt in jail yet.. and it doesn't always take 6 weeks if they find an arsenol of illegal weapons to convict them..
  20. So how do you know he's got 40 years if he isn't convicted yet?
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