Break Up :,(

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  1. Ok, So there's This girl in my class called Kalli That I really liked and that Liked me.
    But theres this other kid called Noah who is cooler then me and stuff and now shes more into him and
    Kalli's best friend, Meagan told me she doenst like me anymore.
    Noah has this flat hat that she apparently likes? Its just that today was the last day of school
    and I didn't do anything that would make her like me more.
    Now shes texting him and stuff and all. She doesn't answer me much now and lays next to Noah more.
    What can I do? Please tell me an Idea for her to start liking me more. I grew up in Los angeles and im
    very rich :p. Noah is way cooler then me and all. How will I get my girl friend back ;( ?
  2. 1. Being "rich" doesn't make girls fling themselves to you.

    2. You can't force a girl to like you. If she likes him more, than that's what she likes.

    3. Him being cooler and having a fancy hat (Which, depending on what type it is, I might buy for 1.33 refined in TF2..) has nothing to do with her liking him more.
  3. Like Legit said, being rich doesn't make you cooler. :)
    And aren't you too young for all these? ._.
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  4. Actually you saying that - I thought of the song 'Forget You' by Ceelo Green ... saying 'She's a gold digger' :p

    But thunder, that isn't always true... girls don't necessarily (sometimes but not always) go for people based on how poor or rich they are - or what clothes they wear. Yeah sometimes it helps make them notice you... but it doesn't make them like you.

    If you are really that concerned over her... maybe find common interests with her... casually talk to her and bring up subjects about her and how things are going... also sometimes compliment her (but if the other boy and her are dating I wouldn't necessarily 'flirt' as that might cause problems with him being mad (if he's that kind of guy)) ...

    So basically just go with the flow - do what you think is best :p

  5. Wat...
  6. Mah thoughts exactly...
  7. If some one likes you they do, if they dont they dont. Is just life.
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  8. ... same mindset ... What?
  9. I think it is meant to be sit next to :/ lay is in the wrong context.
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  10. He is clearly referring to kindergarten nap time.
  11. She's not worth your while.

    There are more ducks on the pond :D
  12. Girls can be very..... picky when choosing their "boyfriend"
    When i was younger, i was "dating" another girl, and i relized she was using me for various things, so i dumped her.
    Moral of the story: Pick your love from her heart, not her looks. Looks can be VERY deceiving
  13. False in some situastions Being rich does make girls fling themselves at you, but then you might find yourself broke in money...Hmm i wonder who could've it been?
  14. Its not becuase of style and stuff. I did stuff at ressese with her, She liked my drawings. She someines hugged me... I was nice to her and sh was nice to me. But the other kid is way cooler and good looking :p. He says bad stuff about me to her to make her think im stupid. When i was racing her back from ressese Noah came along and tripped me in a way i almost broke my arm -_-
  15. What grade are you in?
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  16. Just finished 4th
  17. Drama Alert...
  18. It CAN, if you want a relationship that will only last until you wont buy her everything she wants.

    I have some bad news. She most likely doesn't like you as a "boyfriend".
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  19. Aren't you a little young for girlfriends and stuff? I mean, look at Soul. Look at his post on his profile.

    Also, don't try to act rich, or "cool". To me, being cool means nothing. Just be yourself. Also, you can't force a girl to like you. If this girl likes Noah's flatbill (I think that's what it's called) hat, so what. You obviously wouldn't want a girlfriend that just wants people for their hats (Unless they play TF2 or something).
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  20. And you have a girl? o_0
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