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  1. Well it's gonna be awkward for male Popplios, and even more awkward for female Littens.

    Anyway, these Pokemon are probably gonna be on my team:

    Alolan Marowak




    Greninja (from my X version)

    Charizard (from my Y version)
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  2. The Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo is being released today.

    Like ORAS, they have already been data-mined. However, hackers weren't able to find as much information overall than what we may have expected.

    Many Pokédex sprites were still left in, allowing us to see new species and regional forms, but not anything else about those Pokémon.

    The starter's final evolutions are definitely what were leaked months ago. Although, we can't find their typings nor base stats. So, there's no answer to Litten's final evolution being Fire/Fighting or Fire/Dark. We'll probably have to wait until next month to find that out..
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  3. If you don't want spoilers of the game, don't click on this link :)
    Pretty much everything was data mined, every new pokemon & evolution including sprites and a few shinies.

    81 new pokemon in total, hype!
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  4. Man I ain't digging what Litten's final evolution looks like. I think I may actually take Rowlet instead now.
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  6. I thought you were going to do that at 1 am this morning? You were counting down and everything =P
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  7. I got to play the demo today.

    I'm liking most of what I've been seeing.

    My only problems I see are technical-related.

    When you get so many polygons to render at one time, like the models of trainers and Pokemon in battle, the game gets resource-intensive on the platform's GPU. And as a result, the framerate is lowered.
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  8. Oh lordy what is this thing

  9. That would be Mimikyu, the disguise Pokemon, he dresses like a Pikachu so people will love him or her. Whatever it is.
  10. That's disturbing.
  11. It's also a shiny mimikyu.
  12. So I downloaded the demo, and got through it all in about 30 minutes of playing. I kinda wish there was a little more to explore, but I know how pokemon likes to keep things hush hush.
    I am not sure how I feel about the Rotom poke-items though...
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  13. I'm still deciding to go for either Rowlet or Litten. But I think I want these dudes on my team:

    Wimpod's evo
    Rowlet or Litten's final evo
    Water Spider
    My transferred Charizard.
  14. You can't transfer until January.
  15. I did some playing around and talked to every NPC that you can. There are things they will give you later on in the demo it appears after a certain amount of days have passed. Changing your calendar may help you cheat the wait but I found 3 in particular which gave me day counts from this post:

    Guy in front of Poke Center - "Come tomorrow and Ill give you something nice , not today, not day after tomorrow, Tomorrow." Speculating its something you transfer to the game or another demo demonstration.

    Lady in South West corner of the street of city - Will show you someone strong in 5 days time and have them 'offer' you something.

    Lady at the Ferry Transit (Dock Area) : Meet me here in 24 days. This is the longest of the wait times from the demo. Her reward is just a few days before the actual release of the game in North America. She may give something very useful to start the game from beginning to intermediate. Just a thought, I have no clue actually.
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