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  1. Hello.
    Today at 10 am EMC/EDT, Nintendo announced two new Pokémon games to release later this year:

    For the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, Pokémon Sun and Moon were announced today which is the day before Pokémon's official 20th birthday: 2/27/1996.
    Based on the info on Pokémon's official website, these games mark the start of Generation VII. They'll be a new region, new Pokémon, and new adventures to take.

    To summarize what'll happen when Pokémon Sun and Moon release this year in 2016 for the main Nintendo 3DS, one of two will happen:

    A: Supergiant and then Supernova; a loss, a failure.
    B: A replica of our long-lasting Solar System; a win, a success.

    Of course, I favor event B.

    For other things, there hasn't been any further information confirmed yet.

    Although, the Hoenn duo Solrock and Lunatone are speculated to play a major role in these games. Other possible pre-Gen. VII Pokémon include Jirachi, Sinnoh's Creation Trio, Sinnoh's Lunar Duo, etc.
    For new Mega Evolutions, Mega Flygon is possible. Flygon was originally planned to be given a Mega Evolution in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but it wasn't included because a design couldn't be decided on for it in time of their release.

    And finally, Pokémon fans are wanting Game Freak to bring back beloved features from past games, such as: Pokémon walking with you (from Gold and Silver and their remakes) and Trainer Customization (from X and Y). Still to this day, many of them don't understand why Pokémon's creators don't keep these favorited features as series standards.

    A really big official update has been release about Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

    Usually, when it's first time I see a trailer of a Nintendo game, like this one for the new Pokémon games, I'm become out of control from hype. I definitely feel the hype as I'm discussing the trailer. But this time, I'm able to control it.;)

    Now for my trailer analysis.
    Please read at your own risk:

    Scene 1:

    Following Pokémon Sun and Moon's logos, the trailer begins showing a front view of the male protagonist most likely in his house. He appears to be somewhere in the teenage years, like the characters from Black & White and X & Y. The over-world model of him is also more realistically proportioned, like the trainer's models in-battle.
    In the room, there's a Wii U and TV set his right and a globe and an open book on a very modern table to his left.

    Scene 2:

    The next scene is an example of a conversation. A man identified as "Kukui", thanks to the new text bubble, is speaking to the player. He refers to him as his "cousin" and introduces the new region's name, Alola.
    I thought that Kukui's mouth was moving too, but I cannot tell from the camera angle.

    Scene 3:

    The third scene shows the boy moving on a route. The camera and terrain seems more dynamic than before.

    Scene 4:

    Scene 4 is name-sake for the trailer. The three starter Pokémon are shown. Their types are Grass/Flying, Fire, and Water, respectively, before evolving. Each one is shown in-battle against one another, as demonstration of the traditional Super-Effective Type Triangle.
    The Grass starter, Rowlet, is an owl-like bird.
    The Fire starter is, Litten, a lighting kitten.
    And the Water starter is Popplio. I can't define what animal it represents.

    Also, for the first time in battle, the trainer appears behind their Pokémon.
    The structure of the battle background seems the same as X & Y and Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire; it is rendered like a 360° hologram. I find this understandable because of the sheer amount of polygons within the Pokémon and their trainers that are already being rendered.

    Scene 5:

    Further showing of pieces of the Alola region follow. First view is from high above, depicting the tropical and island-like structure of it, which is more evidence that Alola is based on Hawaii, as many Pokémon fans have thought since Sun & Moon's initial reveal back in February. Other sites include a quick recap of the starters, passing by some stone faces, and going through a coast-line city.

    I would note how the male protagonist's clothes being ever-slightly different between segments. To me, this confirms the return of Trainer Customization.

    Scene 6:

    The sixth scene is the Legendary Pokémon, the mascots of Pokémon Sun & Moon.

    The mascot of Sun is a white lion with a sun shape around its face, which is a lunar dark blue with a bright cyan nose and pair of eyes. The inside of its mouth is the temperature transition from the Earth's mantle its core. The Sun symbol in Sun's logo glows on the beast's forehead during battle.

    Meanwhile, the mascot of Moon is a bat that folds itself into the shape of a moon. In battle, its Moon symbol in Moon's logo glows on its forehead and concentrate energy towards.

    Names, typings, and signature move(s) were not revealed for these mascots legendaries.

    Scene 7:

    Finally, a worldwide release date for the new games is given: November 18, 2016.

    The aimed release date is exactly 5 years after Notch officially released Minecraft at Minecon.

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  2. I don't like it when they release new games: I think I get over pokemon, then bam! I have to get the new game as my childish instincts take over. I hope we get a new, larger generation of pokemon and a game where you have to get up to level 80 pokemon just to defeat the eight gyms, like Platinum version. Also, when is the mentioned 'Holiday'?
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  3. New main series Pokémon games are planned for release this holiday season.

    Nothing else was said.
  4. I am asking when is Holiday season?
  5. The holiday season usually refers to the 4th quarter of the year: September through December.
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  6. for 3ds I supposed screw them
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  7. The games are for any 3DS.
  8. But rip for the ds and dsi veteran trainers ... :(
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  9. Well I mean ever since 2013 they have been for 3ds, why a suprise lol?
    H Y P E T R A I N for sun & moon though
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  10. Ah it's nice to see a new Pokemon game. I hope astrology plays a big part in it, especially since it's called "Sun" and "Moon". I just hope it's not to easy I mean I beat these games in less then 10 hours these days.
  11. Pokémon isn't meant to be initially difficult. It's aimed towards a family-friendly audience: all main series games are rated 'E'.
    For many people, it's really hard to make a game that's not too easy nor too hard. Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 had Easy and Challenge Modes to them, but this wasn't kept in later games.

    Although, since Sun and Moon are anniversary-special titles, there could be a possibility that Game Freak has gone all-out all over the place with these games, including adjustable difficulty.

    The Legend of Zelda Skyward currently holds to taking the longest Zelda game to develop so far, and it was released for Zelda's 25th anniversary. And I can already tell that Nintendo is aiming to do this again with the upcoming Zelda Wii U.

    I believe Nintendo tries to work extra hard on their anniversary specials. So, I don't think we'll be that disappointed by Pokémon Sun and Moon. ;)
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  12. I like to see more pokemon games coming out.

    Too bad I don't have a 3ds. :(
    Anyone know if my DS lite can run this game? :D
  13. Here's my thoughts based off the "trailer" of the Pokemon game.

    For starters when I was younger, still am young but maybe when I was eight years old, I felt like they needed bring back the starting Pokemon like Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur! When I was twelve I just stopped playing the game in general and started playing different games but I still think this is a good idea to start with the first pokemon that they started their empire of a business with. I do not play Pokemon any more but I feel like a lot of children, and the exception of Pokemon loving adults, will buy this game and the Nintendo business will start the cycle all over again as long as people are giving them money. AM I saying this is for money?, no I am not. Im saying they are trying to start all over again.

    That's my thoughts based on the "trailer" alone.
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  14. No. The games are only usable by a 3DS.
  15. I know, i was being sarcastic :D
  16. Bump.

    Tons of news came out today!
    Check out the OP.:cool:
  17. New starters! I'm choosing Popplio or Litten.
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  18. Yes I have seen the new trailer! November 18th, 2016! WOOOOO! TIME TO BECOME THE ULTIMATE POKE MANIAC!!!!
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  19. I cannot decide yet.

    For X, I chose Fennekin because Delphox is a mage. X & Y's starter's final forms are based on common classes from classic RPGs: Warrior, Mage, and Thief.
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  20. All im gonna say is Bowtie owl best owl
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