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  1. It's looking pretty fun! I like the woodpecker Pokémon, and I think the environment is really well-done. I do hope it won't be too bland, though, like different islands will really have a distinct feel to them.
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  2. I've bought 2 DSs in my life, and both have broken. Now I'm only at Black/white, and am debating whether or not to buy a third. Thoughts?
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  3. Get a new 3DS XL, get Black and White 2, Get X and Y, get sun and moon, and be a not nub :p

    edit: Grubbin = Best
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  4. From the gameplay footage from today, I wondered if I could figure out Popplio's base stats:

    HP: 65
    Attack: 38
    Defence: 63
    Special Attack: 65
    Special Defense: 65
    Speed: 44

    Total: 340

    *For a Starter Pokémon, the base stat total seems high. For most Starters, it's around 310.

    EDIT: I probably didn't account for Individual Values (IVs).


    Here's another stat structure with 10 IVs per stat, instead of 0.

    HP: 60
    Attack: 33
    Defense: 58
    Special Attack: 62
    Special Defense: 62
    Speed: 38

    Total: 313

    *As you can see, these stats are much more accurate for a Starter Pokemon.

    So, what I can conclude here is that Popplio's final evolution will be a bulky special attacker of some kind, since nearly all other Starter Pokemon's base stats reflect those of their final forms.

    Tool I used:
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  5. I have fallen in love with pikipek.
    I think it will have a good speed stat (due to it's flying type, small mass and how fast they are in real life).
    I think it's attack stat will be fairly good (as it pecks into wood), and it's special attack average (as it shoots seeds as pokemon).
    Due to the fact it is a foot high with on 2.6 lbs in weight, I think it will have poor defence stats.

    • HP- low
    • Attack- fairly high
    • Defence- average
    • Special attack- low
    • Special defence- average
    • Speed- average

    • HP- low
    • Attack- above average
    • Defence- low
    • Special attack- below average
    • Special defence- low
    • Speed- average
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  6. I really like Pikipek too!
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  8. Most people have been posting this on the trading thread.
  9. Alright, Vikavolt just looks flat out scary.
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  10. tfw keys comes before koala
  11. Its a flying taser railgun stag beetle. Of course its scary :p
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  12. I think the new pokemon game is really cool, and I might get it maybe
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  14. I just realized this: these new Pokémon's names are puns! :p >xD

    (Don't open the spoiler below, if you want to figure them out yourself. I recommend to do that first.)

    Wimpod: "Wimpod wimps out!"

    Bounsweet: "That's a bouncy Bounsweet!"

    Comfey: "What a comfy Comfey!"

    Mudsdale: ? "." (Trojan Horse? TBD)

    Mimikyu: "Mimkyu mimics you!"

    Bewear: "Beware; Bewear are aware!"

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  15. As promised, here's the news:

    At the time of me writing this, it's one to two and a half hours after the latest trailer dropped today.

    First up: the new forms.

    Mega Evolution from X/Y and OR/AS hasn't been officially mentioned at all for Sun/Moon, which questions if it'll return or not. These new Alola Forms aren't an exact replacement; the Japanese trailer shows Alolan Sandshrew and Alolan Vulpix undergoing traditional evolutions, Alolan Sandshrew to Alolan Sandslash and Alolan Vulpix to Alolan Ninetales.

    I wonder if we're forced to use the new forms and not the original Exeggutor, Ninetales, etc. And also, will the Alolan forms have a hidden ability? I'm picturing Alolan Ninetales to get Snow Warning to summon hail, since its non-Alolan form has Drought to summon harsh sunlight for its hidden ability.


    At first, I was really disturbed by Oricorio's cries. But I do see its battling potential.

    It can be one of four primary types, secondary being flying, and its signature move Revelation Dance is its own Judgement of Arceus. Also, its unique Dancer ability lets it keep up with powerful stat-boosting moves, like Dragon Dance, Quiver Dance, and Swords Dance.

    Is there any or all of this in the name - "mini", "meteor", "mineral", "mine"?

    Anyway, Minior interests me far more than Oricorio. It's yet another Pokemon with a new, unique ability, "Shields Down". Based on, I expect Minior to start as a slow, defensive asteroid and become a fast, ferocious meteorite when damaged. The transformation is an inverse of Darmanitan's Zen Mode.

    The evolved form of Yungoos. It maintains the pure normal, abilities, and perhaps the "Donald Trump" bane of Yungoos.
    But, I'm currently bothered by its spiky fur and hair. Maybe it's because of the change from Yungoos or the scarcity of real-life animals with Gumshoos's fur/hair configuration.

    Pre-evolved form of Mudsdale. Not much to say for this little donkey.

    Fomantis and Lurantis
    This evolution line is part mantis and part flower. Fomantis blooms to become Lurantis. They can learn the move Solar Blade, the physical Solar Beam. Their color scheme is also interesting.

    However, I'm not so settled with Lurantis's legs.

    Ever since the Sun and Moon player character artworks were released, the mystery of each of their bracelets were anxiously waited to be solved. Today, it's called the Z-Bracelet.
    The trainer-to-Pokemon interaction and the rules of Z-Moves are similar to Mega Evolution: a one-time super attack per battle.


    I'm concerned of how this'll affect the gameplay.

    How easy will it make the campaign?

    Will Protect/Substitute/Semi-invulnerable moves become more popular for competitive play to counter the opposing Z-Move? Will Z-Move of the types Pokemon are immune be used far less than those without any type or ability immunities?

    Do Z-Moves require the Pokemon to cast them to recharge next turn, like Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, etc.?

    If not enough balancing is put into them, I bet critics will give a lower rating score for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

    As it currently stands, this Island Challenge appears to be the replacement of the traditional Pokemon Gyms and maybe even the Elite Four from the past 20 years.

    While this is a major change in Pokemon story formula, I think it's better to do than to keep the same structure for any longer.
    If any of you reading have seen my talks about the development of Minecraft 1.9, you may have recognized the life-destining moral I saw -

    "Change is inevitable. Without it, life would be too predictable."

  16. I hope mega evolution returns but not more megas added I like the fact we havnt had any gyms mentioned the island challenges seemingly replacing them
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  17. i hope they dont add more megas but keep the original megas i hope they dont give many pokemon alola forms because not all creatures adapt to new places also whats with alolan marowak because it doesnt make much sense we have ninetails because ice mountain sandshrew ice mountain meowth dark type (lack of big cities so it might steal from tourists ) but marowak has no reason to become a weird fire ghost dancing skull thing
  18. Now finding out X & Y's starters's final evolutions to be confirmed only on the week the games were released, I'm going to try to avoid anymore Sun and Moon news.

    The final evolutions to Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio are what I care about the most.

    There is a popular leak gradually gaining credibility, but hasn't been confirmed officially all the way.