#BlameAikar -- Among other staff fails

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  1. I could've swore I mentioned the period to staff before...
  2. Found it. :p
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  3. Another thing I have no power to change. #BlameAikar
  4. You have no power to access those files? You are a Community Manager, no? You should have access! Hmph!

    Hey, Aikar, c'mere a minute... Yeah, sure, bring that baseball bat too... :D
  5. Me too. ;)
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  6. #BlameAikar:p
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  7. This problem doesn't occur if nobody buys stuff from you.
  8. Hmmm... What is it that we are supposed to be finding? =P
  9. The Yellow Brick Road...
    Isn't that implied?
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  10. I see a link to a page where Uber pointed out that there is an extra period in the shop notification message. I don't know what you see... oh wait, I do. It's an error screen!
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  11. I merely thought that you all were typing in green. :mad: :p

    "oh wait, I do. It's an error screen!" =P
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  12. If anybody is confused about the links, here's what they should lead you to:

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  13. Thanks for the title change. :)

    I will post more as I find them.
  14. #LearnGrammarAikar
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  15. At the rate that he types this stuff when coding, little slip ups aren't that big of a deal. And no I don't have access to change the code .
  16. Agreed.
  17. And before you guys start "trusted people should be allowed to fix such small changes": it's often better that they don't. Because ask yourself this: what would happen when a 3rd party (non-programmer) would fix a typing error, accidentally makes a (small) mistake somewhere which results in a new bug?

    It's an unlikely scenario, but not an impossible scenario either.

    The result is obvious: it would get the developers a whole new way to waste their time on: trying to find the new bug. And sometimes, depending on the bug, that can be a pretty time consuming effort.

    When a developer makes these changes then there is a major difference: they usually know and remember what they changed and in which areas. So when they make a typo somewhere and a bug emerges then they usually (but not always of course) have a good hunch what they might be looking for. And where to look for it.

    Just my 2 cents obviously, but yah. These changes can be a much bigger deal than you might realize.
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