Big forests, vast mountain ranges, and Adventure!

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  1. Being me, and practically having it in my blood, I love gardening, the wilderness, and over all gigantic forests. So I have this idea of a new type of wilderness (still keeping the old ones but adding a new one) where it's just one big forest with lots of tall mountains, small medieval towns, and possibly even some quests and adventures along the way.

    So what I think would be amazing is making a gigantic forest made completely of tall oak trees. In the forest, there could be such details as bushes, fallen trees and basically what you would expect in a real forest.

    Now, in this forest there could be worn down cobble/gravel/stone paths that lead to medieval towns where you could except quests and earn small rewards for completing those quests. There could also be mines/mine shafts filled with a majority of ores (not obtainable of course) and mountain ranges for climbing and/or admiring.

    Now in this forest, you would not be able to destroy blocks because it would mainly be for adventuring, completing quests, gaining rewards and even fighting mobs. The forest would be completely covered by trees and leaves to make it dark enough for mobs to spawn in during the day. This is where you could fight mobs for fun and to gain mob drops. Mob griefing would have to be disabled as well so creepers could not destroy the landscape. You could also bring and take back equipment from the forest to town and from the town to the forest.

    Just imagine, you have a quest to deliver some goods in a far away village when 5 zombies charge you from the right. Creepers are slowly gaining up on your rear while a couple skeletons are hiding behind the trees and bushes firing at you from your left. You think of how you can get out of this situation alive. You quickly make a break for the creepers slaying them in 4 quick blows. You then pull out your bow, firing two quick shots at the skeletons. One misses. You take on three of the five zombies and get shot by another arrow. You charge the skeleton in rage, killing it with one quick blow to the head and then slaying the last 2 zombies to continue on your journey onward to the far away village.

    Once again, I just think this would be over all fun, and exciting thing to add in, bringing back the adventure to minecraft!
  2. *Reeds First Paragraph* Holy crap, gimme dat!
  3. Get. In. My. Sig.
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  4. Love the enthusiasm and support of this idea! :)
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  5. Is this a suggestion for EMC or for Mojang? This would certainly be fun but I'm pretty sure it would be impossible for EMC to implement.
  6. Anything is possible my friend... anything.
  7. He's using descriptive text to make you more interested (Good plan!), but this is just another world, like the Wild, Wastelands, and Town.. I think it's be cool, and as long as EMC had enough Supporters, it may be able to pull this off.
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  8. Yes, the second to last paragraph with the descriptive text and story line was to pull you in and make you more interested. Very good job noticing. :)
    Edit: And I do believe that EMC could very well pull off something like this.
  9. It's been drilled into my head to notice.. Thank language arts for locking me in a room everyday and lecturing me about the exciting world of persuasive techniques..
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  10. Suggest this as a new biome to mojang, I would like to see their reaction LOL
  11. I am really liking the positive feed back that I am getting from all of you. Need more feed back from others on how they like the idea! :D
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  12. We need to make one of our farms in a world like this...
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  13. So basically what you're requesting is an RPG server, in addition to the SMP's.
    I see nothing wrong with this, although it would take a huge amount of effort to make it worthwhile.
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  14. Don't you think this would really put the adventure aspect of minecraft into Empire Minecraft? Plus, it could possibly give bored people something to do. :p
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  15. This is true that it would take some time into making, but I think it could very well be worth it.
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  16. I don't disagree in the least. :) You just need to keep in mind that this is no small suggestion.
    • Lore and backstory? Without a solid story behind it, players have no reason to invest themselves. Sure there's the achievement of "getting all the things," but RPGs are about the journey, not the destination.
    • World Design? How does everything fit together? Why is this town here, what purpose does it serve? And, once you settle these questions, there's still the matter of building outposts, towns, and entire cities.
    • Quests! Someone's got to sit down and write out all the quests, stories, and interactive tidbits that make the previously-mentioned journey worthwhile.
    • Coding! I can practically see Aikar and the other devs breaking out in a cold sweat right now...
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  17. I really had not intended for the forest to become some kind of adventure map. True, with quest there would have to be some sort of purpose and goal to them and I have taken to account that someone would have to write up these quests, but the main purpose of this would be more of a free roam/explorer type of world where you can travel around, fight mobs, go trough mines and towns and maybe even have the players develop there own role play into it and maybe even live in the forest for the fun of it. They could create there own quests (i.e. kill this many mobs, get these mob drops etc) and have there own rewards. The quests would be to have other things to do and to accomplish.
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  18. Eh,

    Whilst this idea is unique, you have to remember EMC is french vanilla with rainbow sprinkling on top (is that how it goes?) It's just, it's nowhere linked to vanilla. I will never see this implemented into EMC, and I am almost 100% sure. Of course, that doesn't mean FORMS of this could be added, but having medieval towns and a giant forest, nah.

    ICC DID talk about an EMC adventure map a while back, and I wonder what became of it. If that is still in the makings, I sincerely hope that this would be added to it.
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  19. So many ideas!
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  20. And quite possibly this could be a real thing... Now, if some random talking villagers were there and a good texture pack, that would be kool to.