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  1. * throws batman confetti *

    :D thanks for stopping by!

    hey friends!

    i am here with another gaming related thread!
    - my two main threads are for my love of skyrim and fallout 4! if you're obsessed with those as much as i am.. well then you NEED TO CLICK THOSE LINKS AND TO GET SHARING YOUR STUFF!

    * the topic of this thread is going to be simple! i play so many other random games, and i don't particularly want to put them in their own little thread especially if they aren't that important to me.. but sometimes/almost daily i find something really amazing and i have no place to share my happiness of what i've found/what new game i tried that deserves to be talked about.. uploading a photo to my personal facebook results in ZERO discussion because a) no one cares b) i'm somehow the only person in my family who games as hardcore as i do? which results to no one caring.. the post going unnoticed and my happiness wasted. sad face.

    but i want to share my happiness with others where it will be appreciated? discussed? inspire? maybe? yes? i hope so!
    i hope this is liked and enjoyed! bring on sharing happiness!
  2. the first thing i want to scream from the top of a mountain is this game! LIMBO! HOLY CRAP!
    this game is amazing! it is horrifying and scary.. dark and morbid.

    i accidentally stumbled upon this game when a random stranger shared it to facebook that it was free for that day.. so why the hell not right? lol i snatched it up thinking i wouldn't play it, or it would be a few weeks before i even looked into it.
    BUT HOLY CRAP WAS I WRONG. i tried it that day! this game is terrifying! screaming. constant screaming.. though that isn't hard for me to accomplish.. i scream in minecraft when an enderman pops near me.
    you jump on a platform and hang someone sitting on it?! you rip off the leg to a spider and then roll its body!?? you use dead children as floaties?! WHAT EVEN IS THIS GAME!?

    but take my word, this game is absolutely amazing.. but now now.. LOL "complete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths" < --- my last limbo achievement YEAH RIGHT. i'll never know the very last hidden achievement because LESS THAN FIVE DEATHS?! RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT. RIGHT.

    5.9 hours, roughly 4.9 hours i completed it ( took me about an hour to watch youtube videos on each of the extra achievements i didn't accidentally stumble on while playing )

    so something a little more compact about this game! its a puzzle game.. it makes you think, it makes you die, it makes you question what even you're playing.
    apparently this little boy is going through limbo to find his sister? they are the two people in the screenshot below.. this is the ending scene.

    another side note, if you play this keep the sound ON, there are some levels you NEED the sound to guess what you're doing and timing things just right.. plus the soundtrack on this is amazing.

    so yeah, go buy this game. GO NOW. FLY MY FRIENDS. FLY. RUN. ANYTHING. PLAY IT. WORTH IT. WORTH IT!

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  3. steam summer sale has brought forth many new games in my library of love.. so many in fact that i'm highly overwhelmed with the amount of games i need to play that i have no idea where to start.

    a few days ago i started this game called Dear Esther
    this game is not a game you are used to.. in all honesty it is more like a physical audio book. there is no interacting with the world, you just direct your "character/narrator" through this area and whilst you walk he tells you about his time on the island.. it is like a small short story.
    but what makes this game amazing is the graphics! oh my gosh the graphics.. the photographer in me is SCREAMING and begging to be here in person.
    there are four main chapters of the game where you're in different settings, walk everywhere, look at everything.. i have so many screenshots it is impossible.

    i honestly will have to play this game a few times or look up the written narrative for this because i was so blown away by the scenery that i don't think i took in 100% of the story.

    have you ever played some 4k skyrim texture mods? well, this is that.. besides the little flowers and mushroom being 2d and twisting around the camera to constantly face you.. everything is amazing!

    do not go buying this game expecting a game.. you don't interact, you don't do anything really besides take in the place and the story and i LOVED it.
    i've started up this game at least 6 times already because i've been thinking of this one location that would have some good shots from this angle i missed the last time... my photographer in me is forever cursed with this place. lol

    i keep wanting to go back and get more and more photos from different angles and different places and its KILLING me. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? * throws self on bed *

    anyway, enjoy some screenshots that are my favorite / and from each of the chapters!

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  4. Wow those are some great screenshots!
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  5. I love Limbo. Never finished it, though - last time I played it was around 2 years ago. I'm going to have to pick it up again sometime :p

    Also didn't like Dear Esther. Got a refund on it. I can't stand The Chinese Room's stuff or what they do/say. I like walking simulators when done right, and they don't make them right (slow walking speeds, slow running speeds, the stories being told in a way that just feels very... eugh). Gone Home is a game that does it right for me (yes, for me, a good gaming experience is usually subjective, unless the game really is absolute crap). You got some pretty screenshots though :p
  6. did anyone happen to purchase the game stranded deep? its a survival game with spectacular graphics!
    ( i will work on getting some good screenshots the next i play )

    i played for 7 hours so far today pretty much learning how to play the game.. now i think i've got a hang of it now! though rowing in your little life raft in the ocean legit makes me sick... all the more solid evidence i NEVER want to be on a real boat in the ocean.
    i have got to say that i have no idea what you're talking about. lol
    perhaps i just didn't pay enough attention to the story as i should have but i don't know what you mean by chinese rooms >_<
    and to me, dear esther was done perfectly, i like taking my time and whatever.. so that "done right" thing is 100% your opinion. ( a may be a tab biased as this is my first walking simulator ) .. i honestly had no idea until i purchased this that these even existed. lol

    the only reason i wish i could "run" is when i want to get to a certain part in a chapter fast because all i want to do is get a photo of that spot.. lol not spend 40 minutes walking just getting to that spot i want. which has been plaguing me because i've been thinking A LOT of certain places this photo would look better this or that way... and its pretty much at the end of the chapter and i've got a crap ton of walking to do to get there.. and don't have the patience to walk through it all. xD
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  7. I have a ton of Cool screens for the game GTA V.

    Have you played it? There are so many good screens you can get, and even more on SP with all the wild life, from seagulls, to deers, to rabbits and so much more.
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  8. i play GTAV on my xbone! and yes, i have gotten some pretty hilarious and pretty photos from that game. including an amazing snap of an orca i got a few days ago! :D ( let me post it! )
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  9. DEAD CHILDREN. baD IDEA. but also good game.
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  10. They're a British game development studio who made Dear Esther, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (which, IMO, is the worst thing they've made yet lol). Mostly hate them for criticising Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher for being 'sexist' with a snarky reply on their Twitter account, which earned them a lot of scorn.

  11. so it has nothing to do with the actual game itself?
    i could care less who makes a game and the crap they say.. that isn't what i want to discuss.. lolol. just the game, not the people behind it.
    your responses as you played this game for the first time was AMAZING and i will never forget XD
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  12. meghs ur a weird chick :p
  13. pfft
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  14. stranded deep screenshot :)
    i'm 12 hours into this and still learning, slowly, crappy, i suck, i wasted an entire water catcher thing because i didn't realize you could rebuild the firepit. oh well, LEARNING. anyway, enjoy this beautiful view!

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  16. you mean make my gaming updates a steam group?
  17. Yeah, or a group for gaming screenshots on steam, I think that would be nice. :D
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  18. i wanted to show a screenshot i got from a game called 'the hunter: primal' it is a steam game, you're supposedly a criminal that was dropped into this world to fix it and since you're "unwanted" they don't care if you die.. anyway, you search for items and build things i think? i've not gotten too far because i die so often...
    though this game really irks me because you log on, play for a few hours, log off... the next day you log back in and it randomly takes you somewhere else. -_____- never spawns you where you were.. its annoying, i hate it, it feels like you can't accomplish crap with that. but... the graphics are amazing.

  19. Meanwhile at Bethesda Softworks headquarters
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  20. this game looks amazing! i really hope it pulls past this stage! :eek:
    i LOVED shadow of the colossus on ps2! i'm excited for this!