Ayyyyyyyyy's Introduction!

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  1. Farmers, citizens, lend me your ears!

    Hey all. :p I'm a new Empirian fresh out of the oven, and I'm ready to experience the full on blast of the Empire! I've been here for just more than 13 minutes, however I love the community already! They gave me the warmest of welcomes, and I hope to stay here for many more years. If you'd care to meet me, feel free to pop by to me on 8, as that's where I spend most of my time. :)

  2. Welcome to Empireminecraft! Remember, if you need any questions feel free to ask us!

    *Cough* SMP4 Rockz *Cough*
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  3. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! :) I hope you enjoy your stay, especially on SMP8.
  4. Interesting name... Welcome to the Empire!
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  5. Ayyyyyy there! :p Welcome to EMC! :D
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  6. As you have already noticed, smp8 is where the strange people live. I hope you enjoy your stay on smp8!
  7. Welcome to Emc! Smp8 <3
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  8. Welcome to the Empire

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  9. Hello and welcome, my friend.
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  10. Hello Ayyyyyyyyyy. (Your name is going to be hard to type out :p)
    As somebody who has been here for 3+ years: it's not that hard to stay here for many years. You'll love and hate every minute within those years :p
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  11. Ayyyyyyyy! Welcome to EMC! :)
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  12. Welcome to the empire, Ayyyyyyyyy! (so much y's that I had to count them :D)
  13. Hello! Welcome to the Empire! Smp7 for the win still. I can disagree all I want :)
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  14. Welcome to the Empire Ayyyyyyyyy. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  15. Hey Ayyyyyyyyy! =D

    I find it funny that you join, because one of Luckypat, mman2832, hashhog3000 and my favorite sayings is "Ayyyyy!" Is it okay if I just call you Ayy? =P

    Have a good time on the Empire!
  16. Haha. =P That's fine by me!
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  17. Welcome to the Empire!

    If you need help, just ask and you will be answered.
    Well, I won't answer but I'm sure somebody else will!
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  18. Ayyyy welcome to the empire! If you need any questions, smp4 rocks! xD
  19. Ayy! Welcome. :)

    Looks like you're captive making yourself at home. I'll be sure to say hi if I see you around. :)
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  20. *Cough* SMP8 Is Better *Cough*
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