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  1. avalauncher.jpg

    Item: Avalauncher
    Starting Bid: 300k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 10k
    Ends: After 36 hours without a bid, but not before 12/24/14
  2. Avalauncher


    Type: Miscellaneous
    Released: Dec 18th, 2014
    Update: Seasonal
    Obtained by: Trading in 20,000 Tokens
    Attributes: Soulbound
    Lore: One snow ball to rule them all / <=: Happy Holidays 2014 :=>
    The 2014 Holiday Season brought with it Blizz Ard, a snow golem acting as a snowman special event mob as seen previously during Thanksgiving with the Super Turkey mob.

    However, to obtain an Avalauncher, players must use a different system as opposed to simply killing the mob for the loot. Instead, the introduction of token exchange meant that the Avalauncher costed 20,000 Tokens to redeem as a promo lasting only for the holiday period. This could be achieved initially through the manual form linked to in this thread.

    The Avalauncher snowball is a companion item for the mob, acting as a mechanised part of Blizz Ard that will allow any player who obtains it to fire infinite snowballs. Its appearance follows a distinct lore:

    One day while chasing Blizz Ard and his clones, Aikar found a special item on the ground. It was Blizz Ard's 2nd most precious item: his Avalauncher snowball. This magical snowball allows Blizz Ard to throw snowballs for hours on End and never run out and, thanks to modern technology, it's been mass produced for your enjoyment. Of course, when Blizz Ard found out about this, he was quite upset at Aikar and made him promise that it would only be given to those that proved themselves worthy. Show your worth by earning 20,000 Tokens.
  3. This auction is valid, please keep posts to bids only :)
  4. 20,000 tokens!
  5. If you let Olaf snag this, you're going to have to get 20,000 tokens somehow :p
  6. There probably won't be a lot of these going around. Get it while you can.
  7. You have until tomorrow night to beat 300k.
  8. only 12 hours left.
  9. I think it actually ended 16 hours ago. Maybe I did my math wrong, but I'm fairly sure...
  10. It's over now.
    The "...not before 12/24" bit.

    I'll mail once paid. Thanks Olaf_C :]
  11. No prob. Probably over paid, but some day it will be worth it :p
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