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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    I don't have school at the moment and thus have lots of free time on my hands, which is great. Part of it I'd love to spend on the EMC forums, but I've gone through all my alerts and all recent threads that seemed interesting and now I don't have anything to talk about anymore. ;)
    Some days ago I felt like doing an AMA anyway, and why not?
    If nobody replies, oh well, no big deal, and if people do ask interesting questions: Yay!
    Ask Me Anything doesn't mean I'll answer everything, but I'll try. :p Making it personal is no problem, if I don't feel comfortable answering publicly, I'll send you a pm answering or saying why I won't answer the question. :)
    There is one question (well, there might be more, but there's one I'm getting at here) I won't answer. If you are the first to ask it, you'll get 5000 rupees. ;)
    Oh, and please feel free to ask as many questions as you want! You know I love writing so I really don't mind! But please refrain from copying entire lists of questions from elsewhere. ;)

  2. I just have one question.

    Paper or Plastic? :p
  3. Hm... how do you mean?
    If you want me to answer this without any more context, I'll try, but it seems difficult.
  4. Hmm, you know at some stores, they ask you, paper or plastic.

    That is what I was getting at! :p
  5. Oh, really? No, I didn't know that :p Do they mean bags, then?

    If so, neither, but if I'd have to choose either, paper, definitely.
  6. Yeah, that is what I meant. The paper or plastic bags.
  7. You seem like a wise dude! what's your favorite quote/saying?
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  8. do u like fire ?
  9. You walk off In to a mystical land, in this land there is only asparagus and celery to eat. In this land you can play as much as EMC as you want, do you live there?
  10. Have you ever tried to get residence 607? :)
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  11. Hm... that's an interesting question. I don't think I have favourite quotes. There are lots of sayings I like, but I never write sayings down to use later.
    When speaking or writing, I usually just make things up on the spot, and if it's something somebody has said before: fine.
    There are also some really nice Bible verses I read, but again, I haven't written them down anywhere. If I could use them, I'd recall them or make something similar up myself, I think.

    Hm... it depends. I'm really not a fan of heat (fan, heat :rolleyes:). I also don't like being burnt, as it hurts really badly and can lead to lasting physical damage.
    Once though, when it was pretty cold outside, and raining, I really loved the fire. When I got too hot I could walk away from the fire and get cooled down by the rain, and when I got too cold I could get a bit nearer to the fire. Also, the sound and look of it gave off a nice atmosphere.
    Behind the fire there was some sort of fruit bush, and the fruit got roasted which tasted nice.
    So, I guess it depends on the situation.

    You just learnt me two new English words, thanks :p
    Well, I don't live there, I live in the Netherlands.
    I think I wouldn't want to live there either, one reason being the very unhealthy diet. The country will probably have other cons too, and it might be far from more friends than the Netherlands.
    So nah, I'm happy to stay here. Also: in the Netherlands I can actually also play as much EMC as I want... Sorry, guys :p

  12. I think I know the question you won't answer. It wouldn't be fair for me to ask it :p

    Do you like Hawaiian pizza?
    Favourite movie?
    Favourite band/singer/whatever?
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  13. Nope! Jack suggested it as the first post on my profile, but by the time I read it I had already started out on smp7. I could've got it with OrangeDuck607, but I've never really felt much for smp1, and smp8 seemed better for me.
    It would be interesting, though, and would resolve the confusion that can arise when someone tries to find my residence on any server but smp7 :p
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  14. If you think you've got an (unfair) advantage, you probably don't know what question I'm getting at :p
    After all, you thought you knew something you didn't know (but do now) before ;)

    If with Hawaiian pizza you mean the pizza that's called that way and not actually pizza from Hawaii: yes! I like most pizzas, and Hawaii is definitely one of the ones I like. Some people I know dislike it for the pineapple, but I actually really like pineapple.

    There are a lot of movies I liked, but if I had to name a favourite it'd probably be Back to the Future. It's so good and fun!

    For favourite band, I'd name K3, the Flemish/Dutch girl group. It's very well-known in Belgium and the Netherlands, but internationally they're probably quite obscure. Also, when looking them up what might be confusing is that they changed cast twice.
    In 1998 there were the original 3 Flemish members Karen, Kristel & Kathleen (which is why it's called K3), but in 2008 or something Kathleen stopped, and a replacement was sought. The Dutch Josje was chosen. In 2015, it was announced that all three would stop and three new girls would be found. And they were: Marthe, Hanne & Klaasje. Kristel is now their manager.
    I'm not too sure why I like a girl group whose main fanbase is made up of 4-9 year old girls, but well... there's no accounting for tastes :p
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  15. What is your favorite activity to do besides minecraft?
    What is your favorite vacation getaway?
    And what is your favorite Halloween tradition besides trick or treating?
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  16. What does the Piwi book say? : p
    Am I your favorite Dufne?
    For my guess at the question you won't answer, I'll ask what happened a few days ago when you said you had an incredible day? ;)
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  17. -Your worst enemy is being attacked by an endangered animal. To save one, you must kill the other. Which one do you save?

    -Are you Hashhog's alt?

    -If you could only eat one meal for a whole year (same food for 365 days straight), what would it be?

    -Favorite thing about living in the Netherlands? Least favorite?
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  18. you smp8 guys are evil, but I love it. Can't wait for the answers! It's 3:30am in Holland right now so it'll probably take 607 a few more hours :)
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  19. Fun fact: Holland is out of sync with the rest of the Netherlands.

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  20. Oh you Dutchman!

    (last I heard that was actually an insult in some parts of the world, here's hoping for the best! :D)

    And if that's a fail then I'll have some cheese for you to go with the wine :p
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