Ask Me A Finite Amount of Questions That I May or May Not Answer In Full Detail

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  1. So, because reasons, I am also hopping on the bandwagon. However this bandwagon is different because I have only been on EMC for a little over a year now, and no one knows my real face, name, or if I am even a real person and not an alternate account to our lord and savior ElfinPineapple

    So, ask away. Just know I won't answer some questions.
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  2. are you a carrot?
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  3. I am one of the following
    • A carrot
    • A human
    • An alpaca
    • A sentient trombone
    • ElfinPineappple
    • A Used Copy of the movie "Good Burger"
    • A school of a fish
    • A wheel of cheese
    • The combined hivemind of multiple highly sophisticated ants
  4. Are you a Pineapple-afarian or an Elfin-afarian?
  5. Sprinkles or Jimmies?
  6. I have no idea what in all heck that means.
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  7. Well, I'm actually quite certain about one of those things :D
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  8. ...
  9. what are your thoughts on hoes?
  10. why do zombies take carrots? ^.^
  11. Are you a potato in disguise?
  12. Not a particular fan
    Human flesh can only provide so much nutrition


    What I find kinda funny is that in this entire time I have not been asked one legitimate, non-joke question XD
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  13. I've been trying to think of one but don't know you too well, plus there's this... :p
  14. OK, how about this? What country are you from?
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  15. Do you play any musical instruments?
    Do you have any pets?

    Aha, two questions at once! :D
  16. I am actually from America, New York specifically.
    I am actually rather proficient at the double bass, and I've had several pets in the past, one of my current ones being a Rottweiler named Rommel. Theres also this one specific penguin at the Central Park Zoo that is infatuated with me, always looking directly at me when I got there.
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  17. Do you love playing undertale and who is your favorite undertale character?
  18. Are you an alternate account to our lord and savior ElfinPineapple?
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