Ask Me A Finite Amount of Questions That I May or May Not Answer In Full Detail

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  1. What's you favorite:
    1. color
    2. food
    3. beverage
    4. music
    5. book
    And is it your Goal to become the most famous outpost /outpost creator in all EMC?
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  2. How's life?

    But really... If you are not an alt of the mod Elfin, did you get your name from him?

    Also, Do you know how to solve a rubiks cube? If so, did you look it up? or did you solve it yourself. (No shame if you looked it up. I certainly had to haha)
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  3. I don't actually play Undertale myself, but I do like a lot of aspects and concepts from it. One of my favorite characters was most likely Undyne, but I don't really have any characters I don't like
    There are several theories to the true answer to this question, the true answer requiring that you obtain a flower from the Himalayan Mountains and the blood of Guan Yu
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  4. Okay this is a lot at once
    1. I don't have a favorite or non-favorite color, it depends on the circumstance and how the color is used and blended with other ones. I do use green a lot but more often or not I can change my color scheme on the fly
    2. Chicken parmesan with linguini
    3. Stewarts Orange Soda
    4. Swing and Electro Swing
    5. The Ranger's Apprentice
    The final question is a bit tricky, because the idea of "most famous" is a pretty wide topic. Some people are famous for having created something that did well with or without their interaction, others are known for settlements of overwhelming size and scope, others are known for outposts that yield massive wealth. I want my current and any future outposts of mine to succeed, but I have yet to determine what kind of famous I want to be.

    Why have one when you can have both?
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  5. To carrot, or not to carrot? That IS the question.
  6. Favorite animal?
  7. My life is pretty good, I am studying to be an automotive mechanic next year, going into the subject entirely blind as my mother doesn't even own a car and my dad is too busy driving around Texas to show me. I also do some work as a comedian at schools and birthday parties. The neighborhood kids really seem to like my sorta spontaneous personality.

    -Breaking Character for a Second Here- So when I first joined EMC I joined the ultimate master race smp known as smp2 by both its elegant residents and the peasants of the other smps on the Empire

    ElfinPineapple was my neighbor about two doors down and even then he used to hang around smp2 a lot, so we became friends and as a joke I changed my name to ElfinCarrot and then gave my character a carrot skin. I eventually evolved the skin to have clothes on it, thus why my character's head is orange with green hair.

    I can't solve a Rubiks Cube.

    I can solve TWO Rubiks Cubes at the same time, one in each hand.
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  8. Beluga Whale
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  9. Do you like Role Play Games?
    Do You Play Wizard101?
  10. Are you... an airplane?
  11. if u could control 1 element what would it be , i would control death XD
  12. Yeah I do, and I used to play Wizard101 until I realised that it costed money
    Balance school is still the best.
  13. Carbon, that way I can control living organisms and casually throw people I don't like.
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  14. Do you like cheese?
  15. While this is a gouda question, it kind of leave me bleu. I hope the next few are cheddar than this
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  16. from 1-7 hor much smp8 is in you?
  17. Awesome! Excepppt for the part about smp2 being the master race (smp1 rules!! :cool:)
    o.o You are an interesting fellah... XD
  18. Belgium Waffles or Eggo Waffles ?

    Waffles or Pancakes ?

    Beatles or Beach Boys ?

    Captain Sparrow or Captain Barbossa ?

    Which one would you rather be stuck on an island with... Sponge Bob, Fred, or Annoying Orange ?
  19. -32
    I'd enjoy Belgian waffles and pancakes while listening to the Beach Boys with Spongebob on an island