April Member of the Month: ShelLuser

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, May 2, 2018.

  1. Grats Shel!! :) Well deserved!
  2. Gratz Shell, took you long enough to get it. :p

    Well deserved at anytime, very helpful on the forums. :)
  3. Congratulations, Shell! :D I knew you'd be member of the month soon enough. ;)
  4. Our Shell is a completely opposite pole from our other Shell... :p And one of them is against the poles... :p
  5. Awesome! :D

    Congrats Shell, well deserved! I really like reading your posts and there are lots of them :p.
    Mooi werk, ik weet zeker dat goud je goed zal staan ;) (it was stronger than me :rolleyes:)

    Also, at this point I am starting to wonder whether I am secretly Krysyy's alt :confused:
  6. Woah, that's surprising! All of my predictions for MotM have been wrong except one. :p I was expecting Duckie and Moople to become the second and third or first and third, and I was expecting ShelLuser to not get MotM for a while. But hey, I don't mind the surprises, this is cool! :)
  7. Congratulations Shel! Very well deserved.

    Wiki has been updated for the new member of the month.

    it's so weird having a title that fits on one line
  8. Hey, same here (even the same people you stated)! Do autists really think alike? :D
  9. Yayayy!! Well deserved Shel, congrats!!
  10. Oh 607... I'm the one that is not getting MotM for a while lol, I'm barely active.. but you my friend deserve the next few MotMs lol =D
  11. congratulations shelLuser you noob you! you deserve it.
  12. My congratulations to you Shel, well deserved, indeed.
  13. Congratulations Shel!
    I couldn't think of a more deserving person to hold this title.:)
  14. And another Member of the Month award gets shelled out to a deserving user of the community forums !!!


    (... any wordplays are only intentional for those who appreciate the humor... otherwise they are purely coincidental....)
  15. Congratulations, ShelLuser!
  16. Congratulations Shel! I remember memories of you, Merek (where did he run off to anyway?), and I, hanging out on smp2. Merek always bosted that you were a redstone wiz ;)

    Rock on! :D:):cool:
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