April Member of the Month: ShelLuser

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  1. Congrats ShelLuser!!! :D;):cool::)
  2. Congrats ShelLuser!
  3. I was going to do a little vent before my Internet connection went to /dev/null and that was the end of that (for now). ISP tells me that I should be back online this week, keeping my fingers crossed. Right now I'm behind my laptop at my families place, fixing a network issue.

    Anyway... First: I lost a bet and I'm happy to be proven wrong. Due to $reasons I prefer to keep to myself I was pretty convinced that I would never become a MotM and made a small bet with someone. I lost :D And I love it.

    To be honest I like the MotM event more than the previous EMC community award / defender event, for the simple reason that you can only win this once per year at best. I'm not sure if this is what happened but I like to think that when Khixan and myself became the EMC event winners twice in a row that staff started thinking. And rightfully so! I mean... there was no chance that either Khixan nor myself would stop doing what we were doing. I don't do what I do because of any rewards or events or whatever, and I'm pretty sure the same goes for Khixan. SO yeah... I think its a good thing that staff turned that around.

    So once again.. .thanks. As soon as my internet connection comes back online at home I'll get into this a bit better.
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