Apple is about to go crazy ;o

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Microsoft vs. Apple

Apple 17 vote(s) 20.7%
Cucumber 34 vote(s) 41.5%
Microsoft 31 vote(s) 37.8%
  1. Here we go! Roughly, 1 hour until apple goes live and announces (hopefully) the iPhone 6 and an Apple sort of Smart Watch.
    I'll leave you with the link, and as the event goes crazy we can debate features, cucumbers and perhaps Apple vs. Microsoft (oh yes I did it)
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  2. Seems legit, but in all seriousness it is suposed to be a whooping 7 inches tall!
  3. 7 inches?! Dafuq Apple... Also little fact: If Apple never released the iPod there would be no Apple. The company was failing and couldn't compete with Microsoft (still can't).
  4. Microsoft is a superior company but they are far more PC based rather than tablets.
  5. The Surface Pro 3 is meant to be amazing. Plus the iPad is kinda getting overdone (like everything Apple), most tablets from Samsung and Sony (they mainly do personal tablets like the iPad while Microsoft does more desktop-tablet things) completely wreck the iPad in stats etc.

  6. For mobiles, I say I like apple better than Microsoft.

    I had to make some mobile apps for microsoft in the past... it was 'hard' ... not hard coding wise, but the fact that 70% of the stuff you try to do, other companies banned from microsoft ....

    You can't legally bring up a website from in-app ... it has to be brought up outside of the app.
    Bing map api - is not allowed to use google maps
    Google maps banned microsoft products from using their map in-app.
    A few coding types are deprecated (can't use or some forms of c# anymore) ... and java isn't default supported, it's visual studio support. (which is weird, since visual studio 'is' and c#)

    ---So all in all, it was hard to work around - especially trying to make a navigation app for 23 colleges :p

    ---Iphones/Ipods on other hand, support more languages.
  7. As you seem to know your stuff which is the better platform to develop an app on:
  8. The lead mobile dev at my programming school told me Android ... he wrote it all in java only (i have some of his work on some paperwork)

    If you're used to and C# then i'd say Windows Phone | However, personally most people I know have androids or iOS

    I'm for iOS as that's what I literally see the most people have, and you can code most apps in java as well on iOS... alot of people will tell you that most people have androids - that's not really the case | I see maybe a few people per day use a droid, however, everyone else if they aren't connected to mumble using a windows pc, is on a mac, ipad, iphone, or ipod :3
  9. Cucumber is nearly in the lead...
  10. Android is the most used Mobile Phone OS though...

  11. Different sources will have different opinions and statistics ... A lot of people have both android and ipads | macbooks ... or have both phones ... or have only one or the other... Different sites will say more people have iphones... while others will say more people have android ... however, look at the graph you show at windows - yeh :p ...So if you make an app for the iOS or android (or both) either one... you'll still be pretty good ... if it's a good app, and it's not made for the other device, you'll generally get a lot of messages saying 'please make it for this or that platform'
  12. Between Apple and Microsoft in the mobile market; I choose neither of them. For phones, at least.

    I have had a Nokia and Samsung phone in the past (and have used iPhones because some members of my family and friends have them), and none of them match up my current phone. Its been out for awhile and still receives support and updates from Sony, all apps on the Google Play Store work, and I have no reason to change phones right now - not that I can anyway, seeing as i've only had it for 4 months and am on contract until 2016 :p

    P.S; The phone is a Sony Xperia Z. If I had a choice over which Xperia Z to get, it would be the Z2 just because it looks prettier, but my mum didn't ask which one I wanted when she ordered it :p 'tis fine though, a phone is a phone. If I can use it, it feels 'good' in my hand, is nice to use i'll keep it. Its either that or risk getting stabbed in an alley and having no way to reach help :p

    For tablets... um. I don't have a real use for a tablet other than as a second monitor, but from what i've seen only three companies can do them right. Microsoft, Apple and Sony. The Surface is a both a really cool device and tablet to use, the iPad is pretty good if you want to do things on a 'basic level' (that is not to say that is not what the surface for is either. Because of it running on Windows 8, it has a pretty 'meh' collection of apps and is only good for browsing the internet etc. right now), and I just like Sony tablets because of how well-built and how 'integrated' they are with the Playstation 3 and other Sony devices and stuff. Plus, waterproofness :p

    Now onto the topic of Apple...
    (I don't like them as a company, and I don't like their devices and operating systems very much either >.>)
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  13. I was watching the stock a little on my iPhone 5. When they announced the iPhone 6 it went to ~105 points. Then they announced the Apple watch and it went down to ~97 points. Looking at the actual statistics on the Apple website I would say they improved about 15% of the product and put in 2 new features. It is nearly the same phone. I am probably going to get a Galaxy S5 or some other high end andriod.
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  14. The stock might have went down to ~97 points because of all the people selling their stock when it went to ~105 points and has very little correlation with Apple watch :p
  15. What did you expect? Apple phones are like the Call of Duty franchise - the same thing every year with a few 'improved' features, but people flock to it like sheep because they feel cool to use one/play the game, even though they just own it to say, "Hey! Look what I have! Its expensive and shiny stuff!" to their friends.
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  16. 100% true
  17. Didn't think of that.

    I expected for it to be like it is, but I was hoping that there would be more to it.

    The only reason I still have any thought of getting another iPhone is iMessage, which I use quite the lot.
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  18. Is it really worth blowing out £500+ just for a messaging app, though? Why not just keep the iPhone you have already?

    P.S I do believe there's a few Android apps (probably not on Google Play, though) that let you connect to iMessage, so even if you bought an Android phone and wanted iMessage back, all hope isn't lost. That's just one of the benefits of having a more open source Operating System that is more widely used (there are downfalls, of course).