Anyone know where I could establish an outpost?

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  1. I want to establish the capital of the New Federation, Neopolis. I need to know the place nearest to spawn where I can get myself established.

    I'd prefer a location on land, rather than having to make an artificial island.

    Anyone know anywhere?
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  2. Hi you have to be at least 5k from spawn however, iamkhatru and myself are 31k out and get back to spawn reasonably quickly through nether portals, the reason I'm suggesting portals is its quite difficult finding a spot 5k out without being near other builds... hope this helps and I'm assuming your familiar with portals? if not I will be happy to help you set any up :) Good luck with your venture :)
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  3. I saw this thread, and I assume it has something to do with this...

    But to answer your question, while SMP1 has a thriving town community, it lacks the wilderness community of other servers, and also it lacks any existing infrastructure for development in the farther reaches of the frontier. SMP8 seems to me to have both a well off town-based and wilderness-based communities, but I have yet to see any expansive infrastructures such as rail or road. The settlements, without dedicated passageways to transport materials and citizens, would be splintered. SMP9 seems to be the best contender unless you wish to develop the areas of the aforementioned SMP's. It has partially mapped and organized rail systems to transport materials and people, as well as lots of active players.

    That being said, I would like to specifically point you to the middle north on SMP9. This is where I live, but few other settlements are. There is plenty of space available, and a new nether railway hub is being installed to aid in travel even farther north.
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  4. I'm aware of the limitation, I'm looking for somewhere 5k out, which would be the least distance to travel while being the lowest distance allowed. But if that's not possible, I could go further. And yes I know how to work with portals :)

    Do you know anywhere specific I could set up which would be suitable?

    If you can message me the coords of a place on SMP9 I could set up, that'd be great.
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  5. I'm out on smp2 I'll have a good loo round for you 5k mark :)
  6. Thank you!
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  7. lol yeah volt doesnt know about the wild claiming rules at all what a noob
  8. I was thanking her for looking for a place for me. Bite pls.
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  9. smp4 might be a good place. It's got a nice wilderness :p
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  10. I took a preliminary look at this area and it is far enough out from other settlements(3k blocks, right?). It seems like there are no player builds in that area, but you might want to check again just in case.
    x: 26,000 z: -10,oooo
  11. What SMP?
  12. Are you looking for any biome in particular?
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  13. Jungle beside the sea would be nice.
  14. SMP9, also that was supposed to be -10,000
  15. Found a Jungle island in the middle of the ocean that seems to fit with establishment criteria SMP9 x5167 z-1770
  16. urghhhh but spotted a build west of it so check with a mod first as I can't tell if its 3k away or not :confused: