The New Federation

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  1. What if there was a wild outpost
    that was more than just a wild outpost
    that was a full sovereign state within EMC in its own right
    and was a spiritual successor to one of EMC's greatest outposts ever
    but made so this time, it would actually fulfill its purpose?

    The New Federation is a planned project in the Frontier of Empire Minecraft.
    It is the successor of the New Republic.

    It will be a federation, made up of states.
    States will be individual outposts with control over their own affairs.
    Overseeing the entire NF will be a federal district, Neopolis.
    Neopolis will be home to a federal government.
    It will oversee rails, citizenship, a website, foreign relations, elections, roads,
    a postal service, and the making of law for the whole federation.

    The New Federation will be a collection of wild outposts centred on Neopolis.
    It will not be a wild outpost itself with different citystates and colonies.
    I have personally written the constitution.
    It is in force provisionally; I can still edit it as I please.
    Once we hold elections to decide a President and Assembly, it will become permanent.
    It will be down to the citizens to put forth amendments to change it.
    The role of the federal government and individual states is well defined,
    to prevent the project falling apart like the New Republic.

    I am currently seeking a place to establish Neopolis.

    I want to model the architecture on this previous idea of mine.
    I'm also looking for outposts, bases and individuals who wish to join.
    If you're an established outpost, you just need the leader's permission to join.
    If you're an unestablished base, you need the consent of most members.
    If you're an individual, you need to contribute a residence to our territory.
    Once you do this, you (and your outpost members, if applicable), will be citizens.

    When posting, follow these rules. They are not optional.

    Join us and shape the world, but this time, for real.

    master spreadsheet | NF territory claims
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  2. Awesome!
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  3. Isn't it just? Now, to wait for the interest to roll in.
  4. interested
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  5. Would you two be interested in joining? :p
  6. As long as it's not on smp6 I would. I've always wanted an active outpost community.
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  7. I wouldn't, I rarely play on EMC and don't plan on changing that.
  8. Looks pretty interesting!
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  9. The Constitution has been written! It is in force as of this post's creation. It's provisional, meaning I'll edit it until the elections, then others can amend as necessary.

    You can join! All you need to do is declare that your residence is part of the New Federation. Then, you'll be able to participate, and have constitutional rights.

    Note that if your outpost is Established, you must be the leader to make it part of the NF, and if it isn't Established, you need most of the people involved to agree to it.

    By the way, I declare my citizenship of the NF by putting forth my residence, 8557.

    Now to find a good place for Neopolis!


    1. The Declaration of Establishment

    1. We, the signatories of this document, declare the establishment of the nation of the New Federation (NF), of which we shall belong as its citizens, which is hereby established.

    2. a. The NF shall recognise the following categories of land over which it will have sovereign control:
    i. The territory of Neopolis, the Federal Capital District, where the Government of the NF will be based.
    ii. The territory of the States of the NF, that is, the Established Frontier Outposts whose leaders have declared their accession to the NF and the non-established outposts in the Frontier Wild or Nether where a 50% majority of members there (defined as those who have built a structure there) with a non-derelict residence; the members must be citizens to accede.
    iii. The Town residences of anyone who declares the accession of their residence to the NF.

    2. Rights of the Neofederal Citizen

    1. Anyone can claim citizenship in the NF freely, and anyone who declares the accession of their Town residence(s) to the NF is automatically considered to be a citizen of the NF. They will be considered active until their residence(s) become derelict or are unclaimed, or claimed by someone else.

    2. Neofederians have the right to vote, stand in elections, and propose referenda, and may organize themselves as they wish to achieve their goals.

    3. Neofederians have the right to freedom of contract, as long as it does not affect the constitutional rights of others or breach EMC rules.

    4. Neofederians have the right to claim all land they have built on (plus a 5-block radius around it providing the radial area is not obstructed by a previous build, and where it is obstructed the claimant may claim the median between the two builds) as or within sovereign territory of the New Federation, Town-based or otherwise.

    5. Neofederians have the right to protection as prescribed by the EMC Rules by the Staff and the state (in supporting capacity).

    6. Neofederians have the right to intellectual free speech.

    7. Neofederians have the right to prove their ability to utilise distinct services and hold offices to fulfil the position’s responsibilities without infringing on the rights of others.
    a. The government holds the authority to strip a citizen of his/her attested maturity as punishment for breaking certain laws.

    8. Unless otherwise specified by law, the government may not take possession of a citizen's belongings or buildings without permission from the individual.

    9. Neofederians have the right to accede their Frontier home or base to the NF if it is isolated, as well as their Established outpost. An unestablished outpost requires the consent of at least 50% of its members; in order to consent, these members must be citizens and accede their residence to the NF.

    3. The State

    1. The State shall be taken to mean the central, federal government of the NF. It is not to be confused with the States of the NF, the Established Frontier Outposts which are federal subjects within the NF.

    2. The State shall be headquartered in Neopolis, the federal district of the NF.

    3. The State shall consist of
    a. The Government of the NF, headed by the President and their deputies; this shall be the executive branch.
    b. The Parliamentary Assembly of the New Federation, made up of elected representatives from the federal district, each state, and the Town worlds where Neofederians are based; this shall serve as the legislative branch.
    c. The Supreme Court of the NF, made up of judges appointed by the President; this shall serve as the judicial branch.

    4. The President shall be the head of government and state, directly elected by all citizens once every 6 months by single transferable vote. If after the first count no candidate receives 66% of first preference votes or more, multiple candidates whose total votes exceed 66% must form a government together, with the candidate with the most votes acting as President, and the others in government acting as Vice Presidents.

    5. The President will have overall responsibility for government, and the power to appoint Ministers to manage all government departments established by law. Appointed Ministers must be MPs.

    6. The Government of the NF will be tasked with constructing roads, managing the postal service, determining citizenship, managing communications, conducting foreign relations, managing elections, and addressing issues affecting the entire federation.

    7. The Parliamentary Assembly shall consist of members elected from constituencies. A constituency can be a single Established State (regardless of size), all non-established states with 10 or more citizens, a group of non-established states whose total citizens are 10 or more, a Town server where there are 10 or more members who are not already citizens of a state, or a group of Town servers where there are a total of 10 or more citizens who are not already citizens of a state.

    8. Any citizen may stand for any constituency, regardless of what constituency they are a part of. At the election, all citizens in a constituency will have a vote on whether to restrict the number of members they elect to the Assembly, and what number it should be restricted to. The election will take place by single transferable vote. Assembly elections shall take place every 6 months.

    9. The Assembly will have the power to make laws in all areas where the Government has responsibility for executing law in.

    10. Members of the Assembly will be known as Members of Parliament (MPs).

    11. In the event an MP becomes vacant, by resigning or becoming inactive, then the following steps will be taken to fill the vacancy.
    1. the MP will be asked to name a successor for co-option
    2. failing that, the MP's party will be asked to name a successor
    3. failing that, the runner-up to them will be put in the seat
    4. failing that, the process will repeat from step 1
    5. if all runner-ups are exhausted, the President will be asked to name a successor representing the will of the people who originally elected the MP
    12. The Supreme Court will consist of however many judges the President wishes to appoint. There shall be no limit to the number of judges the President will be permitted to appoint. The Supreme Court shall serve to judge breaches of federal law in the NF, as well as acting in an arbitration capacity during disputes, and making binding rulings to address these.

    13. Should the President also be an MP at the time of election, they will automatically resign their seat as an MP.

    4. Power and Responsibilities of the State

    1. If a petition signed by a minimum of 10% of citizens is presented, the State is obliged to a) issue an official statement / declaration of intent, b) organize and carry through a referendum within 6 weeks and c) upon the referendum schedule the Parliamentary Assembly within 4 weeks to discuss and resolve the issues.

    2. The State may punish offenders with punishment no more severe than requesting they be banned from EMC. It can also exert its powers by having the leaders of Established Frontier Outposts use their powers as Established leaders to compel offenders to leave, and having Town residence owners remove move flags from offenders.

    3. The State considers itself to be the only official body capable of officially recognizing someone to be a Neofederian.

    4. The supreme decision making component of the State shall be the Government and its President.

    5. Any citizen may organize a petition and call a vote of no confidence of the Parliamentary Assembly or an individual representative or official. If at least 50% of the Assembly or, in case of a referendum, at least 50% of voters, vote in favor, the Assembly is dissolved or the representative or officer in question is expelled, and re-elected.

    6. Amendment of the Constitution requires at least 66% votes on a referendum.

    7. Any Neofederian may call a vote to override an Assembly motion, which will pass with 66% votes on a referendum of at least 33% of the citizens eligible to vote.

    8. The State may revoke the Neofederal sovereignty of any state which does not comply with a request to expel an offender at its own discretion.

    4. Neofederian Law

    1. The contents of all active Neofederian law must be available to all citizens upon request.

    2. All laws must be passed by the Grand Democratic Assembly before becoming effective, excluding those laws passed before the existence of the Grand Democratic Assembly.

    3. Neofederian law may not violate the Constitution.

    4. Any governmental department of the NF must be established by law.

    a. No governmental department shall have powers or authorities except those specified by law.

    5. Powers of States

    1. Individual states will have the power to govern themselves as they please with regards to their own affairs and the issues which the Government of the NF does not hold responsibility for, democratically, autocratically or otherwise, so long as they do not deny their citizens their rights under section 2.
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  10. You have thought this out very well and I wish you the best of luck in the creation of the outpost.
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  11. Thanks!
  12. I would like to submit my res 5045 as part of the federation with the option to exchange the town plot for an outpost near Neoplis or the Federation capital.
  13. Could you elaborate on that latter part a bit? I don't entirely understand.
  14. I would like to become a member. I would like to start a State of the new Federation ( an established outpost) Near the main Capitol and withdraw my res from the federation.
  15. Ah, so you're putting your residence forth now, but intend to start a state in the future?
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  16. Yes basically.
  17. I love what you are doing here 72Volt. I have always had a great amount of respect for you and your accomplishments. The northern nations of SMP9, currently Ryth(unestablished, unlisted), Terrione and Cliffside have agreed upon a similar system called the U.N.O.

    The United Northern Outposts is a middle ground between a federation and a confederation. You may know the actual term for this, but all the power is held by the leaders of each city, and governments of each city are independent, so one city may be socialist or anarchist (how about no?) and another may be a representative democracy. If you want to know more about what I'm doing, PM me.

    See you out in the wild!;)
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  18. Just a note: you can have both the state and the residence as part of the NF, and I'd encourage you to do that, but if you want to withdraw the residence after a while, that's fine :)

    The term, hmmm... what power is held by UNO and what do the individual cities have?

    Would you be interested in acceding UNO's three states (and any other territories you might have) to the New Federation? You could receive new members attracted to the political aspect I bring, and you could provide me much needed support to establish Neopolis.

    What kind of constitutional structure is there in UNO and its states and territories?
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