Any steam players

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by TheCrimeLime, Dec 25, 2015.

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  3. jeez!
  4. Are you serious lol
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  5. Humble Bundle... and for the lols

  6. I'll link my profile here later. Steam is having problems.
  7. Can we share library's, (family sharing) I've never been able to play half life
  8. I mean.. It's $2.49 isn't it? And family sharing requires you to log into their account, and I doubt anybody wants to give out their password. It's not meant to share games with random people, it's meant for exactly what it's called.. Family sharing.
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  9. I have 85 games in Steam, plus 380 in GOG plus 27 in Origin plus 100's on hard copy. :)
    I tend to avoid Steam for sales -- get mine from Humble Bundle or during the Steam Sales when things are 99% off.
    On Humble Bundle I have about 250 total games/movies/soundtracks/comics etc. ;)
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  10. wowza
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  11. I love video games. Sometimes I buy obscure stuff just because it is $1.99/$2.49/$.01/etc. -- Basically $4.99 & under I will drop $20 - $50 during a sale. I especially love Humble Bundle and GOG. HB I have gotten 10+ games for just $1 on many occasions. GOG gives tons away for different reasons each sale plus randomly through the year. I check GOG daily and HB weekly. Steam just on occasion.

    Those 27 on Origin - can't freaking access them... Really turned me off to Digital Distribution for a while. Haven't been able to finish Dragon Age (complete collection) due to their stupid log-in servers going nuts all the time.. I HATE EA!

    I wanted to play DA 1 - 3 without having to log in but no dice. :(

    Steam also isn't my favorite and I usually buy my Steam games on GOG or d/l from torrents to get my Steam games without DRM. (Nothing I d/l there is something I don't already own)
  12. Thats a lot :p wish I had that much
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  13. I only spend that kind of money 2-3 times a year. This stuff from V&H I have been buying is mostly Christmas/unexpected money. I spent only $9.99 of my money from a normal deposit from VA and Army.

    My money comes from disability payments from the VA and US Army. I can't work anymore so now I just play video games and do some minimal physical labor around the property. Mostly just feeding animals and getting the mail. ;)

    I would love to have a job and no time to spend playing video games and watching TV all day.. It makes for a very non-fulfilling and less enjoyable life. :(

    Anyway, sorry no sharing Steam Library with you -- password security and all that. If the bandwidth wasn't outrageous, I would share some GOG games with you, though. I have a ton I don't play for one reason or another. Problem is I don't know how to set up an FTP server and I am using a Mobile Hotspot from Verizon... No unlimited internet available here, yet.
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  14. Some people already know it, but I'd prefer not to reveal my steam. :)
  15. Mercenaries2009 has 300+ games.

    Some of these games are from the humble bundle:
    You can pay $1 and get like 5+ games. I mostly buy on sale.

    +If I shared with you, you probably would never get a chance to play because I play smite all the time