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  1. For the past couple weeks, I have been working on a tool that can be used to help find griefers that prowl the wild. It is called EMC Investigator.

    The tool tracks the locations of all players on each server using data from the Live Map. You can then search over this data to help figure out who was in a given area at any given time.

    The source code is freely available if there are any coders out there who would like to contribute.

    I also have a todo/wish list on PiratePad. Feel free to add requests for new features or report any bugs on the PiratePad (or this forum thread).

    Don't let the griefers win.
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  2. This looks very promising.
    Keep up the good work :)
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  3. Thanks. Like I said, it has only been in development for 3 weeks or so, so there is still much to be done!
  4. This is perfect for guarding my pixel art! Thanks for the post!
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  5. Good idea - But this can and will used for bad - I can go see where anyone has been in the wilderness and possibly go grief there base as a supporter (Not that I will)
  6. Just so everyone knows, when using this, it is not definitive proof, and can not be used as real proof if you come to a moderator. We have already discussed this :p. You can use it to develop your own information and deliver that to us, it can still help, but saying 'so and so' was standing in front of a chest from 'x' time to 'y' time, does not really prove anything. Its a great tool, I do not personally discourage its use. Just remember it is not a definite proof of action that the staff team can use.
  7. One of the limitations is that it cannot detect hidden players, since they do not show up in the Live Map data.

    Agreed. It is but one data point out of the many that are needed to accuse someone of griefing.
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  8. Thanks for adding the Rei's waypoint list generation feature, ShavingFoam. Another use for this occurs to me. If someone dies and they are unsure of the location or how they got there, the tool could be used to help them find their way back. For that matter, I've often heard people say they found something like a spawner in the Wild and wished they could find their way back to it. Now they can.
  9. So, you're saying there must be 3 guys..

    the one stealing things from chests,another recording the guy while operating the chest(staring at it clicking while open and stuff)
    and another guy inside the chest seeing the things being taken out?

    Seems like hard work to catch a thief lol..

    I got a suggestion, CHEST LOGS? Like some mod or w/e that tracks down every chest open by who at x time.
  10. we give you guys tools to protect everything in a chest.
  11. Yet there's still people that gains people trusts then abuses it...
  12. Have you seen the price of those things? I'm not surprised people don't use them very often..
  13. Really only 3 weeks ago? I swear i used it like 3 weeks or 4 weeks ago....
  14. this is an issue that will happen always. No amount of anit grieving tools can prevent it. It will still continue to happen.
    There is no price for guaranteed protection. One can simply stay in town and then there are no issues, you have a flag system to protect everything. While we make changes all the time to accommodate people in the wild, our main focus on EMC is not the wild. We offer a complete protected area for everyone, at which it is their responsibility to protect.

    We give you guys the free tools in town, so yes, there will be charges for going outside of that safety area. Otherwise, protected chests will just litter the wild if they do not have cost.
  15. And that's one possible use for the tool. Regardless of what the mods will accept, if you've given three people container perms on your residence and something turns up missing, you may be able to figure out who it was and restrict them. You need to be careful, since you don't want to ruin a friendship over something you've misplaced, but used with good judgement I see a lot of possibilities.
  16. I know right! It's like Panem and letting people go outside the fences but selling nukes for 1k so you can protect your chest but then people are like hey they can just not step on the presure plate and steal the stuff and snow is like then just stay inside the fences
  17. Ah, very nice Shavingfoam. Know why mine says it's in Slovak but it's English?:confused:
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  19. You're using Chrome, right? I noticed that too. For some reason, the auto-translate "feature" thinks the page is in a language other than English. It only seems to happen on my Linux machine and not on my Mac though. I will have to look into this.
  20. Yup. Odd. I'm on a Mac though…