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  1. Angry old white guy, or Get off my lawn you young whippersnappers!

    Before I start ranting I would like to let you all know, that I am aware that I am over reacting, but I really can't help it. I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and I am between treatment cycles. Result, I'm far more easily irritated then normal. So I'm not yelling at you personally you just happen to be reading me yelling. That goes for players, mods, senior staff, Godzilla, Akair, etc, etc.

    In the last 3 days I have had 4 grief/thefts that I have reported and a 5th that was so minor I just fixed it. These last 3 bring my total griefs and/or thefts (reported) to my outpost's builds to 14 in 165 days as a member of the Empire.
    My losses in the last 3 days include 13 fireworks (the ones that took heads to make, the thief actually went through all 64 I have set up in the display and took just "the good ones"), 2 beacons, the pyramid of gold blocks under one of the beacons, 1 DC of enderpearls, 1 SC of slime balls, 2 villagers, a brewing stand, an anvil, a dozen or so glass blocks, 14 red sandstone 1/2 slabs, 2 red sandstone stairs, 4 red sand, a spider head, and 4 stacks of Mellon slices.
    The list above is just the last 3 days, prior to that there have been several lava floods destroying portions of the rail system in my outposts nether hub, gold blocks stolen, heads stolen, the entrance building from the wild to the nether hub has had to be completely rebuilt 3 times, that's not including repairs from minor griefs, and my personal favorite the theft of the please do not steal signs.
    What bothers me the most is all the wasted time spent repairing and replacing.
    Talking in town it seems that the number of griefs that have been occurring to the builds of my outpost are greatly above average, most others stated they get maybe 4-5 a year, I'm on 14 in a little under 1/2 a year.
    Is it because my farms aren't hidden, they are open for public use (if you can find them, or just ask me where they are). My outpost just finished a public Guardian farm, well more of a challenge then a farm on SMP9 wastelands. 1 day after it was finished I had to re-dig the entrance to it.

    I think I'm done complaining.
    My one wish is for the griefing to stop, if that's too much, I think the griefed should be awarded the head of the griefer if the griefer is banned (not that I have a head collection started or anything).

    Done blowing off steam.

    I'm not that old, only 40.
  2. Why don't you ask staff to hold an investigation? They are the only ones that can solve this problem. Private message them ( Via. Forums ) and they will get to work.
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  3. Sorry to hear your troubles. I keep my stuff mostly off the grid and hidden for this very reason. But don't despair. Staff has been great with me in the past and has been able to find the griefers. They always get caught when you bring staff in and can show what damage was done. Bring them in right away for best results.

    I hope things get better!
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  4. He stated that he has reported all the griefings, I think he is just asking for it to stop. I have the same issue when building community farms. Of course you can report it and that will get the player banned but it won't rebuild/fix your creation. Though, it has gotten a lot better from a couple of months ago. Back then whenever I would log on, there would be atleast 1 griefing at one of my three community farms...
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  5. I like to look on the bright side. Every time a griefer is banned, one less person can grief your items even more. Of course, griefers are like that dragon-hydra thing. You ban one and two take it's place!
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  6. I still want their heads. literally in game pvp head.
  7. Talk to eviltoade when he is on.
  8. Lock your chests next time. Then the next time you're griefed it won't be nearly as bad.
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  9. Locking chests can end up costing more rupees than just replacing what was actually stolen, plus you can't lock chests in the wastes... :p
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  10. You shouldn't be building anything substantial enough to require chest-locking in the Wastes anyway. Use enderchests, /Vault from the outposts if you need to, and/or keep the valuable stuff on you until then. Don't leave items of value just laying out there for anyone to take.
    -And since I note your sig features bulk business, if you are mining out massive quantities of blocks that would warrant locking one or more DC's at a time, plan accordingly and have quick access back to an outpost where you can /vault the contents or return /home swiftly to unload - even a moderately swift horse can really help in that regard.

    I think this would be a fun idea. A little vindictive maybe, but warranted if you've been on the receiving end of a griefer's activity.

    ...I was in the process of writing a whole long post about ways to prevent griefing, but it honestly comes across too much as "blaming the victim," which I've always thought was a little unfair. I wish we didn't have to face ugly realities like griefing, but I will say that if you're making open and public outposts, readily accessible and/or close to spawn, not disguising or hiding them from livemap view, and especially if you're building in the wastelands - you're really setting yourself up for a lot of unnecessary misery.
  11. I was offered a trade of my lava bucket for a players 10 diamonds. Knowing that it was a scam, but wanting to see where it went, I dropped the lava bucket.

    He threw a stone pickaxe at me and logged.

    Banhammer fell, and I kept the pick. It's in my museum. I totally support the heads idea.
  12. Yes I do think griefing has been increased lately. I don't know why. If I understood the people who did it, I might have a clue. I tend not to associate with those people, and thankfully I don't have to. I suspect they may be the same people I see idling their big trucks in parking lots (albeit most of them at a younger age). They probably have family issues and self esteem problems, and really it's too bad. Who really knows what would cause someone to want to come on this server and go around being destructive to someone they don't know...

    In any case, I do know that these type of people wont be deterred by a 'Do Not Steal' sign. If someone is breaking and stealing stuff, you can be fairly certain they know what they are doing is wrong. In fact, such a sign may encourage them. Why? Well, it simply basically says 'Other people keep stealing my stuff. I am really bothered by it.' Thieves/griefers love to feel that they are justified in what they do. Like all people, they have rationalized their behaviour. Knowing that others also do the same thing can help with this. In addition, if we assume that these thieves/griefers are the same 'schoolyard bullies' who are out to prey on weak people, announcing that something bothers you would in fact encourage them. Why? Because they get their sense of power over others based on the attention they extract by causing harm to them. And so, your signs, are actually doing more harm than good.

    So the bottom line I would say, is that yes griefing may be up lately, but also you need to rethink your strategy.

    Honestly, signs do little/nothing. If anything, saying the area is being monitored via the live map may help. But still, the best solution is to hide your valuables. If you can lock chests, then do that. But you don't even have to do that. Simply burying them below or behind 1 layer of dirt or gravel could do the trick. Dirt or gravel appear naturally nearly everywhere, and no thief is going to want to dig up for hours with the likelihood that they aren't going to find anything. This should resolve most of the theft issue.

    But ultimately, what others have said is true as well, get valuables to safety as soon as you can. Don't leave them sitting there for weeks on end, just waiting to be stolen. Because it will happen. It's only a matter of when. That's Murphy's Law "What can happen, will happen". So make your plans with theft in mind, expect it to happen, be ready for it, and do everything you can to prevent it.
  13. One very simple way of hiding supplies is a simple 1x2 piston door that is activated using a redstone torch/lever (of course you dont leave a lever or torch there! :p)-

    Griefing is an issue but lets face it, redstone is awesome. There are many hidden doors, some use a simple walk in a corner trick to activate a door etc...

    Couple door tutorials from a simple youtube search:

    None of this will completely solve your problem, but it may help. GL.
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  14. Nifty little tricks like the one mentioned above by Stew won't prevent griefing, but it will help you to stop many of those players getting in. By the sound of it, you're getting many, many griefings and I totally agree - this isn't fair on you. I'd advise using some little tricks like the secret doors to stop people from noticing your supplies etc. By stopping people from noticing an entrance, they won't know that there's anything there and will likely move on. This will help you to only let people you want inside of the secret doors. Also, if you have some more expensive items, try putting them in a chest under a couple of blocks perhaps to hide them. There's all kinds of little tricks that you can use.

    As for my outpost on SMP2, I've so far seen 0 griefings, but I think this is down to the position of the outpost. Griefers only seem to target obvious areas, and so by making your entrances not-so-obvious, I hope that these griefings stop for you. I'm not sure if this is the greatest help you'll receive but I hope that I have been of at least some help to you!

    As for receiving the head of the griefer, I'm all for that idea. As Keph said, it's a little vindictive, but it would be a sort of more fun and rewarding way to see the griefer away. It doesn't make up for the griefing but at least you can look at the head and laugh at it sometimes, right?
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  15. I'm sorry to hear about griefing, especially that bad.
    I don't think you're over-reacting at all :)

    BTW, I really think locking should be possible in Wastelands. Some people build temporary structures there that are used for weeks and months. I would pay 500r (1000 for lock - 500 refund when unlocked) to protect my set of tools at the mine in the Wastelands.

    The only way that may be successful in reducing griefing and stealing is through better understanding of what happens.

    Just banning some kids won't solve the problem.

    Griefing, but much more stealing is pertinent to being human, and almost every kid tries stealing, this is part of growing up.

    The distinction that is needed is not between "people who would never steal nor grief" and "bad people", because the 1st group would be more or less empty.

    To think that it is "good people" vs. "bad people" is a fallacy.

    The distinction needed is between "majority of the people" and "notorious griefers and thieves".

    And then getting the first group to realize that on EMC, we all belong to the same "tribe", one community, one "faction", and that we don't want to steal from ourselves and we don't want to grief ourselves. The solution goes through including, not through excluding - except for the few percent of notorious thiefs...

    But this would require work - both on the community side and on the new player's side.
    Who would be capable and willing to do that work?

    Another thing is distinction between PVP servers and non-PVP like EMC. Making sure that new players realize they are on a non-PVP server.
  16. I will try to get all that back, I really understand when someone griefs your our outpost. I was griefed someone stole my two 60k full sets.
  17. Sorry for your troubles. Public farms get greifed, greifers get banned, new greifers do it again. It's a circle of life kind of thing. Town is safe from greif, survival is not. It's crazy to realize that even in video games that the greatest threats we face are actually other people.:mad:

    I would like to see more greif protections, and they are planned, but greifers seem to still find ways to do things. The eternal struggle between good and evil is real. Don't be beaten, resolve to persevere.

    Getting angry is a step toward action! Hope you can find even more strength and solutions. Thanks for being part of our community.
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  18. I completely disagree with griefing and I am very sorry that you have had your two 60k full sets stolen, but I must ask you the following:
    1. Why did you have two 60k full sets at your outpost?
    2. If you did, why didn't you lock the chest?
    Just wondering as these are high value items and I'm curious as to why you left them at the outpost unguarded. Again, I'll repeat that I do not agree that people stolen from you though, and I do hope that they are dealt with.
  19. My outpost was like 10minutes away from the spawn and it was so deep in the caves that you had to mine sometimes
  20. Understood and all very well, but that doesn't really answer either question - why did you put it there and why no lock when it is such a high value item?