Amazing Signatures and Profile Pics!

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  1. ok so I'm kinda a big artist and I've been drawing lately so yeah. Here is some of my art below. I do signatures AND profile pics upon request, free of charge . I may not have time to respond to everyone's request since there is probably gonna be so many but ill try my best. Even if u don't want it on ur sig or profile pic, you can also comment something for me to draw and ill post it here. thanks :p



    (fruit bowl)
  2. Seriously, man!

    I started a graphic design business yesterday, but I might as well throw in the towel, you'll be taking all of my business.

    OK mods I get the need for competition, but like if a few people was selling songs and then Björk joined EMC and started doing the same thing would that be fair?
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  3. Im sorry I had to end your business.... i mean mine is too much of a powerhouse, yanno? oh well GL with it :p
  4. I really like how you made the grapes float above the bowl. It's a bold statement.
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  5. 1,000,000,000 rupees for Pyrocynical drawing
  6. I was really taken by surprise when I saw the 3D elements in the shoe drawings.
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  7. Why does that shoe look like someone I know?
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  8. Was I right
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  9. Yeah man i had to take that risk. I even thought about that for a really long time before i made the tough decision
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  10. :p Go draw a dragon!
  11. Can you draw me a cake? :p
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  13. You are VERY artistic they way u drew that elephant it was fantastic! Try to draw a cat :p
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  14. Ignore this comment. Subscribing.
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  15. I disagree.
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  16. I commission you to recreate my profile pic.
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  17. As Requested...



    (LGB's profile pic :p )

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  18. Some artists transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun. You my friend are the later. You must draw. Draw, draw, draw until you feel you can never draw again. Bravo!
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  19. Thanks, I try. ;)
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