Amazing Creations?

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  1. Hey! I've seen loads of amazing builds on Minecraft but I was wondering what the best things people have made are, like what have you been most proud of building?
  2. SMP1 - Resident 646.

  3. Check out the results of the recent build competitions in the comuntity creations section. (SMP3 FTW ;D)
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  4. Hello! EEJester's underwater palace with casino is pretty awesome and NurglesRott's Piramide/UFO & shop is pretty cool. (all are to be found in the SMP2 server). Recently SMP2 also had an Eiffel Tower but that got reset :(
    I don't have anythin special other then my secret rooms ^^
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  5. 646 IS pretty awesome!
    Gutted about the Eiffel Tower, that must've been cool.. ooo yeah, I think Ive seen the UFO thing :)
  6. What server is your house/residence if I may ask? :)
  7. Sopby I am sorry but you look cute just saying. Sorry if this bothered you or disturbed you.
  8. My res is on 1 :)
  9. Not bothered or disturbed, just amused :) But thankyou I guess.
  10. Your residence is also very nice ^^
    Tip of the day: Make a sheep dancehall :)
  11. Haha, thanks! :)
  12. those pictures are lovely...
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  13. There is an Eiffel Tower on Utopia :)
  14. And you can visit utopia as a non payed member I found out the other day - if you didnt know
  15. EMC has alot of hidden gems, and alot of things other people dont know :)
  16. Yeah :p there is a bunch of stuff I know that you might not know
  17. Oh, try me :D, i dare you! Shoot it at me =p
  18. Nah don't wanna tell something you don't know ;) there are a lot of hidden things in the Empire that a lot of people don't know
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  19. no there isnt *wink*