Red Wolf - Fort Full Moon

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  1. javaw 2011-10-09 15-10-27-37.png javaw 2011-10-28 12-10-17-75.png javaw 2011-10-28 12-10-24-70.png javaw 2011-10-28 12-10-41-67.png javaw 2011-10-28 12-11-29-77.png javaw 2011-10-28 12-14-16-61.png javaw 2011-10-28 12-14-33-68.png Guys, since the maps will be reset somewhere within the next few weeks, Ive made a few pics of Fort Full Moon, made by me, and a lil by maxy969 for the Red Wolves.
  2. Looks good. Be a shame to lose it.
  3. Too bad we will lose it =/
  4. I'm glad you got pictures of this to keep forever. This looks awesome. :)
  5. Yeah, it got griefed twice, as u can see, first it was netherrack, and then it was griefed, i rebuilt it in Cobble. It was a royal pain to keep all walls in one piece with the enderman xD
  6. i love that ravine, had some good times in there *sniffle* *sniffle* :(
  7. We will find ourselfs a bigger one, enough space for us + our egos xD
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  8. lmao yes!:cool: cause were beast like that xD
  9. lol roflol lmao :)
  10. yeeeeez that is some time ago :p is was then pretty awesome :p brings back memories
  11. XD EPIC Old Thread Bump :D
  12. The one thread that deserved a bump...!