XyPhir monumental building by Eclipsys

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by Eclipsys, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. Heres another small project I'm currently building on on another server! =p Enjoy javaw 2011-12-05 20-05-21-41.jpg javaw 2011-12-05 20-06-10-89.jpg javaw 2011-12-05 20-06-19-26.jpg javaw 2011-12-05 20-06-35-17.jpg javaw 2011-12-05 20-06-46-98.jpg javaw 2011-12-05 20-07-19-13.jpg javaw 2011-12-05 20-09-00-85.jpg javaw 2011-12-05 20-09-08-80.jpg javaw 2011-11-28 20-51-54-72.jpg javaw 2011-11-28 20-52-02-47.jpg
  2. Really awesome!
  3. You know that I was actually planning on using this building as a Red Wolf HQ for other servers. Somewhere in the middle of a desert, or hovering in the nether xD
  4. A "small" project you say ? Anxious to know what big is :D

    Great job !
  5. Well, u should look up my ''Buildings on other servers'' thread, n see what ''big'' is in my Minecraft Dictionary :D
  6. "Orbis non sufficit". I like that. You could have a sign saying that in your constructions :)