Fort Underdog - Eclipsys, TheOlburgen, SpineshankKira, Flash538

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  1. Heres another project hidden in the wasteland, my previous mine in which I used to find all the stone and stuff i needed. But since the maps will be wiped I emptied the whole thing, and this is what was left of it. javaw 2011-10-28 13-50-09-00.jpg javaw 2011-10-28 13-50-11-86.jpg javaw 2011-10-28 13-50-22-99.jpg javaw 2011-10-28 13-50-33-88.jpg javaw 2011-10-28 13-50-58-10.jpg javaw 2011-10-28 13-51-49-19.jpg javaw 2011-10-28 13-51-51-40.jpg javaw 2011-10-28 13-52-05-60.jpg javaw 2011-10-28 13-52-07-07.jpg javaw 2011-10-28 13-52-18-97.jpg
  2. i also worked on it, i made the secret resources cave!!!!
  3. Which texture pack is that? It's nice.
  4. Looks very cool. And if u want any help with projects in the future, I would be glad to help as much as I can.
  5. Pretty late reply XD Its John Smith