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  1. Hey Soulpunisher!
    What genre of music is your favorite and why?

    Is there a genre that you cannot stand or can you find appreciation in all genres of music?

    I like the 'After life' reference! Are you excited for season 2?
  2. Depends what mood I’m in honestly. Although generally I listen to a lot of new wave, shoegaze, British indie music, grime, UK garage, post-hardcore, acid house, industrial metal, and alternative rock.

    Can’t lie, I cannot stand dubstep.

    Basically, in the 1990s British club music was dominated by Uk garage, which was defined by its simple two step beats (Flowers by Sweet Female Attitude for example). Eventually, grime music - a genre that was spawned by London UK garage producers who could rap - became the UK’s equivalent of America’s hip hop/rap scene in the 2010s, and also found massive success in Russia. Dubstep evolved out of it similarly, with UK Garage’s edgier producers deciding to mash it up with jungle music and dub reggae.

    There’s early dubstep that I think is brilliant. Early on it had this really nice sound IMO that kept its UK garage origins front and centre. You can really hear it in El-B’s and Zed Bias’s songs. One of my favourite songs of all time is Archangel by Burial, and that’s dubstep.

    Then the Americans got their hands on it and gave us Skrillex and others of his ilk and ran it into the ground in the early 2010s, making people mock it for ‘sounding like a dishwasher’ and the genre had totally declined from the mainstream by 2015 smh
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  3. hit us with more, lads
  4. if i might ask, have you ever tried to go talk to a shrink about your depression? if so, have they referred you to a psychiatrist for meds if just talking hasn't helped?
  5. Well, that's something I've never heard before. Interestingly, it seems to mean 'psychiatrist', but you used that word later in your post to mean something apparently different. :p
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  6. What do your mother and father do?
  7. Forgot to answer this bit smh

    Yes I am! I’ve always hated Ricky Gervais’s stand up and his attitude of ‘ooh I’m an atheist cos I’m smart’, and ‘ooh look at me I’m so edgy and offensive [insert mild joke he found on Reddit that nobody would ever get offended by]’. BUT I’ve always found his shows to be interesting - ‘The Office’ is a classic, his stuff with Stephen Merchant is always a joy to watch, and After Life is a decent little drama that is funny in such a bleak way.

    My only worry is that the first series had a theme of Toby moving on without his wife, and the second series might not know what it wants to do. However this is a British series and I don’t know any of those that don’t have their entire series written out with a clear end - besides Doctor Who, which even then transforms into a totally different show every time a new showrunner takes over every 5 years.

    Nope. My town doesn’t have therapists who operate under the NHS, so I’d have to pay exorbitant rates for a private one. It would have been free for me if I was under CAMHS between the age of 11 and 18, but I missed that window because I didn’t even know it existed until my sister started going after, well, attempting to quit the game when she was 12 (I was 16, doing okay by then).

    The only reason I’d consider meds right now is to completely numb the pain of losing my dad. But I don’t want to. I want to feel every ounce of that right now so that I can get to a point where I know how to handle it and accept that he’s gone. I feel like if I was on medication I’d just block that out and delay the process. But I’ll be fine :)

    My mum is a teacher in a special needs school.

    My dad was the caretaker (janitor in America, I think) of my primary school (kids aged 2 to 11), although he ended up being much more than that because he helped the teachers + the school’s cleaners with anything they asked for, gave the staff without much family at home someone to talk to over the phone during the school holidays, and he knew every single kid’s name and would greet them in the morning and say bye to them after school, and he’d also talk to all the parents outside of the school gate when the kids were going home but hadn’t been let out of their classes yet. We got a eulogy from the staff + some of the kids at the school at his funeral that had the line “he wasn’t just the building’s caretaker - he was the caretaker of all the people, pupil and teacher, inside that building too”. So yeah, I suppose that’s what he did :)
  8. What's your view on Pokémon? Have you played any? Collected card perhaps? Favorite pokémon?

    What do you do for a living?

    Top three shows of all time?

    Favorite sports?

    Are you pleased with my quantity of questions?
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  9. what are some other bands besides The 1975 you like?
    or is it just the 1975

    UK/AUS club music is what got me into the House edm genre.
  10. Is this your ultimate Alt account, or do you have more? :)
  11. I am fairly ambivalent on the subject of Pokemon. I played Platinum on my DS Lite when I was little. I also collected cards around the same age as well as these collectible figures you used to be able to get with sweets inside these plastic pokeballs - still have my Darkrai. Favourite normal Pokemon is Squirtle but my favourite legendary is Darkrai.

    Unemployed atm (am actually still within the time off period allowed for grief so technically it’s not because my CV seems to be rubbish no matter what I do to it smh). Currently getting ghosted by a chef at a local restaurant who said I could have an interview to work there and then ignored me.

    Doctor Who (ignore that they messed up Series 10, Series 11, Series 12, and will 100% mess up Series 13), The Walking Dead (ignore that they messed up Season 7 and Season 8), and Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul. I’d have said Game of Thrones but that last season made me hate the entire thing.

    Hate them all besides hockey. That said, I have a lot of fun with FIFA.


    Earth, Wind and Fire, Joy Division/New Order, Talking Heads, Velvet Underground, Echo & The Bunnymen, Tears For Fears, The Cure, Duran Duran, The Blue Nile, Nine Inch Nails, Ride, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Oasis, Primal Scream, Suede, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Rival Schools, Gorillaz, Converge, Blink-182, The White Stripes, My Chemical Romance, LCD Soundsystem, The Killers, Sigur Ros, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, The Wombats, Bad Suns, DON BROCO, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Nothing But Thieves, The Night Café, Glass Animals, Royal Blood, and Pale Waves.

    Surprisingly, my solo artist list is not that long.

    This is my only alt account.
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  12. dude!! i LOVE gorillaz, glass animals, and the killers! i want to listen to more lcd soundsystem too.
  13. .. over time both lists will only grow :)
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  14. My new favourite question: what's the oldest piece of technology you use?
  15. Oldest in terms of an individual item's physical age: probably my PlayStation 2 (bought in 2006), which I use regularly.

    Oldest in terms of the item's release date: my dad's Sega Saturn (released + bought in 1995), which I use occasionally.

    Oldest in terms of what the device is: my record player (first phonograph was made in 1877; the phonograph was used as the basis for the record player, the first of which was released in 1887; record players started getting mass produced in 1895).
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  16. Wait, how do you mean your PlayStation 2 is older than the Sega Saturn? :p
  17. The Saturn was an after-thought to sound more impressive and also because I don't use it enough to say it as anything other than a bonus :p

    Would probably use it a lot more if my dad hadn't let his brother borrow the console and most of the games before I was born - his brother kept the console for himself, sold the games, and then gave my dad the console back and said "sorry I didn't know you wanted it back."

    Funnily enough, that kind of selfish philosophy got inherited by my uncle's daughter, who milked my dad's death on Facebook for virtual likes despite the fact she saw him once or twice a year and is currently somehow making the coronavirus pandemic all about herself.