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  1. A lot has changed since my last AMA, which was what like 2 years ago now?

    And I mean a lot.

    Everyone else is doing one so what the hecking hey

    Nothing is off limits. Get as personal as you want (includes anything related to *recent events*, trust me I don’t mind). Favourite song, favourite food, how many people I’ve got locked in my loft, favourite type of bin. Anything.

    Ask away.
  2. Do you have a cat? If so, whats its name? :D
  3. Do you really punish souls?
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  4. To me, a lot of other AMAs being active is a great reason not to hold one myself. :p
  5. Nope. I've got a colony of them that live behind in my house and hang out in my street - they kill a lot of birds, but don't near my house anymore because my dog hates them and... I've also got two dogs now, and one is a puppy who copies the older one's behaviour.

    Only my own.

    Usually I'd disagree but looking at it logically, mine is going to blend in with the other ones that are still showing in the recently active threads that goes back 24 hours now because the forums are dead lol
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  6. Just one question. How is your day going?
  7. I thought it was interesting that you brought this question up in your post so now I gotta know the story of how you came across a bin and not just any bin but your favourite bin.
    "favourite type of bin" - SoulPunisher
  8. Pretty well. Woke up, found out I've missed an email from yesterday asking for a job interview, minded my dogs, cleaned up the kitchen, went to my dad's grave, and now I'm sat here listening to music with a McFlurry. How's yours?

    Wheelie bins are my favourite bins.

    Purely because I like getting drunk with my friends, stealing random wheelie bins from off the street (they're just laying around sometimes, same with shopping trolleys), hopping inside one and getting wheeled around in it.
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  9. Pretty fine. Sitting by the pool listening to a band in the sun. Didn't check emails... and don't miss them at all. :) peace!
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  10. Are there any hobbies that you currently occupy yourself with?
  11. Playing games (as always), music (as always), I go out with friends quite a bit more if that even counts as a hobby smh
  12. Ah, what kind of games?
  13. Had a bit of fun with this early access game called ‘The Political Process’. It’s a game, made up mostly of spreadsheets and sliders, where you make your own American politician and get elected to various positions within the American political system, and attempt to create or repeal legislation, with a fully simulated state house + senate, House of Reps, and Senate. I managed to start out at a 26 year old woman, got elected onto my school board, then my city council, became a mayor, got elected into my State Senate, and then at 35 became a Senator. I’ve done two full terms as a Senator now, trained my successor, and have started my bid for the Presidency - something I’ve never actually won in the game before, losing by around 200 delegates or so.

    Then there’s Hearts of Iron 4. Basically, as a history nerd who’s started a degree in it, I love Paradox games. Decided to play as the German Reich and attempt to accomplish the goals Hitler set out in Mein Kampf because it’s interesting to think about what would have happened. So far I managed to start World War II in August 1938, got France to surrender in January 1940, and the UK followed in July 1940 - after seizing a few of their colonies, installing fascist governments in the home countries, I’ve now declared war on the Soviet Union and am coming at them with the combined might of Germany, the UK, and France. The USA isn’t very happy with me though.

    Then there’s GTA V. I bought that at Christmas for £10 on my PS4 and am currently catching up on the fun I’ve missed since 2013. Vastly prefer Red Dead Redemption 2 though.

    However, I’m now just a day away from the release of Watch Dogs Legion, a few weeks away from DOOM Eternal, and The Last of Us: Part II comes out in two months. Definitely about to be distracted by a slew of console generation-defining games for the next few months.
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  14. What is something that you have learned on EMC that you could apply to other parts of your life? :)
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  15. To be kind, I think.

    I was never an unpleasant person, I don’t think, I just took my gloomy outlook on life and my edgy jokes too far. That’s what got my main account banned on here.

    I still make edgy jokes. I’m more of a depressed pessimist than I’ve ever been right now. But I don’t let that show to anyone - not my mum, not my siblings, not to anyone. The most important thing to me about now being tHe MaN oF tHe HoUseHolD and the best way to even attempt to fill my dad’s shoes is to try to make everyone laugh and just... keep smiling. I even did it for his coworkers and when I walked away I heard one of them (my former teacher, actually, since my dad worked in my primary school lol) say “oh, he’s lovely.” That was the best thing I heard at his funeral.

    I still love my depressing edgy jokes though. I can get away with them because they’re quite normal to make in the UK so it’s not amazing :p

    Two years ago I wouldn’t be acting like this. Right now, my head is a minefield and I’m struggling to navigate it - it feels like I’ve been dropped into an alien world and I’m very confused and angry about it. Two years ago I’d have embraced that and acted how I feel and tried to make everyone around me as depressed as me too - think Ricky Gervais in ‘After Life’.

    And it’s all because I was such a negative person here that, when I had it taken away from me and I still REALLY CARED, I focused my efforts not being totally negative anywhere.

    It’s really helped with opening me up too. Like, I used to be scared of social interaction and you’d never find me having a chat with a stranger (which scousers are famously fond of starting at bus stops smh), and a lot of my classmates thought I was the type of kid who was going to shoot the school up or something smh. I’ve now had hundreds of prolonged conversations with complete strangers, I actually like doing it, and people don’t think I’m going to stab them.

    Yeah that’s it lol
  16. Good for you, Alto. We may have significant philosophical differences, but I wish you the best of luck.
    Also, why SoulPunisher?
  17. Cheers.

    I was ten years old when I bought Minecraft. I used to watch cartoons with my dad when I was little - like, between the age of 4 and 8. Megas XLR, some other stuff, and Dragon Ball Z. In Dragon Ball there’s a move called ‘the soul punisher’. I just chose that.

    I changed my main account’s name to ‘synth_apparition’ at the beginning of 2017, which was taken from the lyric ‘synthetic apparitions of not being lonely’ in ‘She’s American’ by The 1975. I thought that taking a line from a song by my favourite band was fitting and more telling of who I was at that point. The Name never stuck though and I changed this account’s name to ‘SoulPunisher’ a few months ago for... obvious reasons.
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  18. Great to hear. :)