{AMA} Ask Me Anything - 4 Years on EMC

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I know this is a bit late, but been really busy with real life projects, and school, and so much more. But anyway, for my 4 years, I Decided to do a AMA - Ask Me Anything.

    -EMC Appropriate (If it is not, pm me)
    -Have Fun

    I will try to get back to the Answers as fast as I can. You can also ask as much as you want, and anything you want.


    Also, kept it short as i have been loosing power all day, and don't want to loose it in the middle of this lol.
  2. Do you play any other games than Minecraft? What are your all time favorite games?
  3. I play all the GTA and COD games... but I play minecraft more.

    I would rate them like this....

    1 minecraft
    2 GTA V
    And then others not sure lol

    Also got to smp8 posting this thread and a transformer blew..... all the lights were colourful.
  4. Why are you so young on EMC :p
  5. Young? When I joined smp8 and 9 did not exist. lol
  6. Bruh, smp1 was the only server back in my day
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  7. Oh, yeah? Well, when I joined, JustinGuy didn't exist.

    Anyway, why do you use GTAV's V in your avatar?
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  8. What made you chose smp6 to have your gold and iron shop?
  9. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
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  10. If I had 8 witches and 8 watches, which witch watches which watch?
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  11. When gta v first came out I got the logo and hated the green so I tried different colors. and then used it as my profile pic one one site then started to use it on all sires....

    Well I wanted a shop were players can buy stuff they can't normally afford. And wanted something mystical.



    Sorry I can't type more more information. I have lost power over 12 hours ago.... storm left trees down everywhere with 5 inches of ice on everything.
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  12. Bump...

    Hope to have power soon 25 hours without power in -8c sucks....
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  13. Am I your favorite?
  14. Not sure. I don't have a favorite.

    Sorry for late reply, still no power and does not look like we will have it soon. Going on 48 hours without power.
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  15. What's ur gta gamer tag and crew?
    I would love to play with u ( kill u)
  16. cam I have some rupees? O.0
  17. Who do you think should win president of the US this year?
  18. Finch Rocks. been offline for a while and don't have an active clan.... plus can't get on with no power lol.

    Nope.... you can work for them hehe...
  19. Whe
    when u make a clan invite me ( will tell gamer tag in pm)
  20. What jobs do u have that I can do, to get money?