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  1. Why?
    The AGA is attempting to control the way members play in the arenas, and forcing people who paid good rupees for their gear to go against their whole team, essentially harassing them for using something they paid for.


    Do not "flame" members of the AGA on the this thread or the AGA thread.
    Do not make rude remarks on their thread.
    Do not gang up on a single member of the AGA, we are against their tactics.

    Want to help? Message Nccoryg when you are in the arena, and there is a member of the AGA there. Nccoryg will supply you with God Apples and a few potions, as well as join you in fighting the members.

    Everyone who seeks to target God Apple users.

    Anyone can join the opposition!

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  2. Letsss gooo, son! :D
  3. lol
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  4. They didn't accept me, I will strike back.
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  5. *sighs* I've lost all faith in humanity :rolleyes:
  6. For fighting people who want to oppress certain people, guess thats a good reason.
  7. I understand wanting to attack those members but I feel this is all getting a bit too heated and serious now, PVP should be fun...
  8. I agree, I try to have fun when I go to PVP, using Gapples with my friends and fighting them, but since Hash wants to condemn us who spend money on special gear, we will fight back.
  9. So I get a link sent to me in chat and I see this thread... what is this!?
    I honestly can't tell if this thread is a joke or if you legitimately hate the AGA. Whether this is a joke or not, it's gone too far. Our group is a team with a target. Nothing else. So why are you making those claims? We are oppressing nobody. We are harassing nobody. We are people who form a group in the PvP arenas.

    This will not become another "Red Wolves vs Reavers." I will not allow it.
  10. You are targeting specific members of the community that use a specific item, and going after them for that reason. Harassment.
  11. ha·rass·ment



    1. aggressive pressure or intimidation.
    If you want to continue saying you are not going to harass people, the definition is right in your face. That is exactly what you are doing, using pressure and intimidation by forming a group to fight these people.
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  12. Well, of course you could throw definitions around. I could too. In fact, here's one:
    Harassment - aggressive pressure or intimidation.
    With your creation of a rival group, along with making the claims that we are harassing and oppressing players, you are, in turn, harassing us. You in particular are making several false claims in attempt to destroy our group and promote yours as a "savior."
    1. Please don't double post.
    2. The group isn't trying to harass, they are simply targeting. Think of it this way - if someone attacks you, you target them. If someone is killing everyone else, you attack them. If someone else is using potions then you may attack them also. So on and so on for many different things - this group is simply targeting one simple item (which you don't have to use if you don't want to, but if you do, you can, there's nothing against you doing that and the group isn't saying you can't use them so it's not harassment).
    The group isn't trying to stop you, it's just targeting, if you have no targets in PVP then you don't have PVP...
    PVP is meant to be fun, feel free to kill them, but there's no need to accuse them of any wrongdoing. :)
  13. What is with the color of the font. Also where is the definition after the "1"? Are you trying to hide something?
  14. Yep, we are harassing you for harassing the people we stand for, sorry but that is what is going to happen if you go forward with this group.

    The group is indeed trying to stop gapple users, if they don't like the people using gapples they can go to another arena, instead of trying to create a group of people who would essentially team up against one person and harass them for using an item.
  15. Fixed, copy and paste error.
  16. While I do not believe that the AGA is intentionally meant to be a negative group, it appears to be quite borderline. Intentions are one sided, outcome is two sided.
    I think it is more than just a group that "targets" people in PvP.
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  17. The group doesn't stop gapple users, it just attacks them - if you want to use gapples then you still can, there's nothing against that and I simply think that you're taking this way too far.
  18. I'm on the fence with whether or not I think it's actual harassment. On one hand, pvp is there so you can fight other people period using whatever (legal) items/tactics you feel like using. On the other hand, I can see how getting attacked by an entire group just for using something that is completely legal in pvp would be annoying. Also, I can't tell who is actually taking this seriously or just joking anymore.
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  19. No matter how many times they try to re-word what they meant, it is still harassment. It is still a group of people that will target and harass specific people.
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