After talking with 72Volt and the staff...

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  1. Volt and I will now be constructing lava walls around all wild and waste spawns on every server. Price to get through will be 150R or three diamonds. Construction starts tomorrow.
  2. but... You can just enderpearl
    edit- Tomorrow :)
  3. Hmm. That would take a lot of a lot a lot of good luck with that :)
  4. Nice April Fool, although you haven't tricked me lol
  5. This post is a little early to be April fools. I think we should take this seriously. :p
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  7. Lol. I would like to donate a DC of Lava bucket to the cause.
  8. It's currently 1st of April, 2:57am in the UK which means it is 1:57 UTC, so technically, this post was made on the 1st of April ;)

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  9. Is of no joke. We have top men working on it.
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  10. Where and when would you like to pick teh lava?
  11. Can you get those staff to approve? :)
  12. This makes me think about the entire tax concept also being an April Fool's joke.
  13. "The lava walls are a great idea" -Aikar

    "Justinguy would be proud" =Krysy
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  14. The lava walls are a great idea
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  15. 1. You spelled Krysyy* wrong.

    2. I do not recall saying such things.

    3. Screenshots?
    ;P Don't kill me...krysyy.
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  16. I actually thought you were krysyy then
  17. I'm taking this as a joke then..
  18. Who?
    "TOP men"