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    I've noticed a lot of new players on EMC are lost and confused, even after reading the guide. I figure that they often wish that they had a bit more help. And I realized we have no newbie adoption program. It would be a lot more helpful for newbies when they first join to have someone help them and show them how to get around on the EMC forums and in game. So I made this.

    The point of this thread is to assign older, knowledgeable users to a certain newbie or newbies and help them understand how EMC works, how to post in the forums, how to make money in game, and most of all how to have fun on EMC. (That also includes steering them to the EMC Guide once in awhile.) I noticed that some newbies around are put out because no one is recognizing them and buying from their shops and when they make posts on the forums they get laughed at for not doing something right. I hope this will help smooth things over for them and steer them the right way.

    I've split this into two sections.; one that is for newbies and one for those looking to adopt a newbie. If you are a newbie, you only need to read the newbie section. If your an adopter, you only need to read the adopter section. Please be sure to read all of your section though, its all important.


    Hello newbies, welcome to Empire Minecraft, or EMC as people often call it. I do hope you enjoy Empire Minecraft as much as I do. I made this thread to help you. It is here to show you around and to help explain everything you need to know about Empire Minecraft. Just remember, we make this site. Be friendly and people will be friendly back to you. EMC is a very friendly place. But it will only be that way so long as each of us are friendly to each other.

    First of all, newbies should be reading the most important guide. This guide helps explain the basics of what a newbie should know about EMC.

    If you have read all of that guide and you don't understand something thats fine, it can be explained. So you would like to get adopted by an older player who can help you around the site, show you around in game, and help explain anything confusing? Then keep reading. If you feel you understand it on your own, then feel free to go out and explore the Empire on your own.

    If you want to be adopted then please copy and paste this form and fill it out correctly. If you don't know what to put in a field just leave it blank.
    So just post this form on this thread, and I will assign an adopter to you. That adopter will send you a PM (Personal Message). Please do not ask for a certain adopter, I have a certain way of running the thread and we can not give out adopters on request. Also, I can get very busy sometimes, so please be patient as it may take a little while to get an adopter to you.

    Just remember, if you don't need a lot of help or you may not be coming back to Empire Minecraft, you are free to just post your question here without signing up to be adopted.

    And newbies, if you are adopted by someone and you feel that they are not treating you right or explaining things properly, then feel free to PM me about it. If you are not contacted by your adopter within a week of being assigned, please let me know so we can give you a new adopter.


    Adopting a Newbie:
    Adopting a newbie is not something to be taken lightly. Remember that if you adopt a newbie and ignore them half the time they will think that everyone on EMC is just like you. This is where how often and how long you get on EMC comes in. If you do not often get on EMC, your newbie will have no one to help them. If your rude or mean they will probably quit EMC, which is not what we want. We want them to feel welcome. These are the rules you must follow.

    If you want to adopt a newbie you will need to fill certain requirements. You will need to be able to get on EMC often enough and for long enough a time to be able to help a newbie when you get one, and you must have been a user on EMC for at least 50 days. This ensures that you know enough about EMC that you will be able to help your newbie effectively. After you sign up you'll go onto the list below. Each newbie that comes will make the list one name shorter and your name will slowly go to the top. When that happens you will be assigned the next newbie that is in your timezone. I assign adopters to newbies by matching time zones. That way you are more likely to be online when your newbie is online. Do not expect to get a newbie tomorrow. If you have a trip planned in the next couple months, let me know.

    ~Always be polite. Even if they are a bit frustrating, and newbies sometimes are, its probably because they don't understand.

    ~If they have a question, answer it. If you don't know the answer, then you can ask here.

    ~If you are ever bothered by someone else, or another user is being rude to you through the program, then please PM an actual mod who can deal with it. (That doesn't mean I want the actual mods to have their hands full with annoyances from this thread.) We are here to help out newbies and make them feel welcome.

    Explain These to Your Newbie:
    -Rules of EMC (Show them how they can view the rules if they need to see them again.)
    -Forums (Teach them what is appropriate to post in the forums and what's not.)
    -Auctions (Refer them here if you cannot explain it.)
    -Creating a Shop (Refer them to the EMC Guide if you can't accurately explain it.)
    -Making Money
    -The Wild and Nether

    If you're ok with doing this than please fill out this form and post it here.

    Current Adopters Waiting for a Newbie:

    Adopter - Timezone

    nfell2009 - GMT

    Chascarrillo - GMT +1
    alex_jacob - CST
    Tehwafflez - CST
    sqiggleyjeff - CST
    TheTrufflehunter - PST
    Ethereum - EST
    TheEpic5 - EST
    Kman122000 - CST
    Eklektoi - EST
    penfoldex - CST
    DOTD1997 - PST
    AlexHallon - GMT +1
    Craziboy000 - GMT
    ErikRodhi - EST
    Hades4000 - EST
    PenguinDJ - EST

    Adopters, if you want to adopt a newbie quicker you can refer new players here.

    Like whenever you see someone finish the tutorial you could welcome them and then link them to this thread. Because, usually new players don't take notice of the forums till later. Also, thanks for helping!


    Current Adopters Who Are Assigned to A Newbie:
    Adopter - Newbie

    yankees518 - afrank84
    topdawg657 - sgx2000


    Note: Sorry that this thread is so long. You do not have to read the whole thing. Only what applies to you. I'd appreciate it if it all got read by at least one person besides me, though. :p If you see any errors in this thread please bring my attention to it. Thanks.

    Also I will need helpers; people who can assign newbies to adopters alongside me. Just PM me if you want to help. Any help is much appreciated. :)

    One last thing! Mods, if this is in the wrong section please move it to the correct place.

    Another Note: I don't take full credit for this idea. I got the idea off of another forum that I used to go on.
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  2. I already do this when players complete the guide :p But it has been a long while since I seen a player complete the tutorial on smp3. I can't do this on 1 or 7.
  3. Loooooooooooong Thread

    10 Hours After: EDIT :Stil Reading.
  4. Username: nfell2009
    Why should you be able to adopt a newbie?: Im over 260 days old knowing the whole of EMC!
    Why do you want to?: Because this sounds like lots of fun and I want to help new players as I was once myself
    Do you have basic knowledge of EMC?: Yeah I know mostly all of it
    Your Time Zone: UK, GMT
    How often do you get on EMC?: 6 Hours a weekday, 10+ weekend, all week
    How long do you typically spend on EMC?: /\
    Are you going to help them whenever they need it?: Yeah, im not to busy at the moment other than little projects
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  5. Thanks for taking an interest nfell. I'll add you to the list. :)
  6. :D i love turtles!
  7. Username: yankees518
    Why should you be able to adopt a newbie?: Because I've been on EMC for 325 days, and I know my way pretty well around the Empire.
    Why do you want to?: Because I always find it fun teaching and guiding people through new things.
    Do you have basic knowledge of EMC?: Yeperooni.
    Your Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
    How often do you get on EMC?: Over an hour a day, total.
    How long do you typically spend on EMC?: 10-60 minutes.
    Are you going to help them whenever they need it?: Heck yes I will.
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  8. I've added you to the list as well yankees. Thanks. :D
  9. That is THE COOLEST idea EVER!
  10. Apply :D
  11. i'd like a newbie to adopt me so i can remember what it was like back when i first started playing
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  12. Haha I would but I think im more of a newbie than a pro, I don't play all that much.
  13. nah apply to be adopted! :D
  14. Can PenguinDJ adopt PenguinDJ2? :p
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  15. Username: Chascarrillo.
    Why should you be able to adopt a newbie?: Because I want and I can do it.
    Why do you want to?: I want to help.
    Do you have basic knowledge of EMC?: Yes.
    Your Time Zone: GMT +1
    How often do you get on EMC?: Daily.
    How long do you typically spend on EMC?: 2-3 hours a day.
    Are you going to help them whenever they need it?: Yes.
  16. Omg.. Wall of text, I should read this..
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  17. Username:alex_jacob
    Why should you be able to adopt a newbie?: i'm good with the rules and can teach others easyly.
    Why do you want to?:to keep the new players from getting in trouble or getting lost.
    Do you have basic knowledge of EMC?:yes.
    Your Time Zone: central gmt usa
    How often do you get on EMC?:everyday around 3 hours a day
    How long do you typically spend on EMC?:3 hours/ day
    Are you going to help them whenever they need it?:yes unless i have something with my family or are sleeping. :)
  18. Username: Tehwafflez
    Why should you be able to adopt a
    newbie?: I have helped.several in the past and I am over 300 days old on emc
    Why do you want to?: help others know the basics and know commands and tips to become a better player
    Do you have basic knowledge of EMC?: um. duh lol
    Your Time Zone: CST
    How often do you get on EMC?: every day
    How long do you typically spend on
    EMC?: 1-2 hours depending if I'm needed or not.
    Are you going to help them whenever they
    need it?: yes especially if they add me on Skype I am super active on that (edit lol phone keyboard is terribly small.
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  19. whats soup?