Admin Command being opned

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Should admin command be open?

Yes 21 vote(s) 27.3%
No 56 vote(s) 72.7%
  1. it will make life SOOOOOOOOOO much easier, see poll
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  2. Wait what is this?
  3. It allows you to set "admin" permissions for your res. This allows the person all permissions and the ability to give other people permissions
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  4. Do you mean the admin command of being able to give people flags if you don't own the res?
  5. Been suggested loads of times. I highly doubt an unrestricted version of it will ever be released.

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  6. K thanks

    Would this give them the ability to give out flags? Or is it just for people who just want to give you all flags in one command?
  7. That person would be able to give out flags too
  8. aikar could change it
  9. Surely that would mean they literally take yours away and basically own the res?
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  10. I voted no. The problems that already exist with permissions on reses would make this a headache to manage.
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  11. The whole point of the admin flag is to allow others to change flags...

    What is there to change about "being able to give out flags", and still keep it's functionality?
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  12. I recall that being a bug, but if the permission was added, i'm sure they would fix that
  13. No. How it works is, you still own the res, but the person with +admin is able to give out flags to others (as well as you).
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  14. Could do like a flag for flags. A flag that a res owner could set to give flag permissions. Would have a master flag option or individual flag options. Think that would be helpful for alot of people who share multiple res's. Or peeps who co-own/manage a business.
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  15. Just a thought whats wrong with the system we've got. It works right.

    I Vote No.

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  16. "Hey /report MCguy401 I gave him +admin and then he gave all flags to a few of his friends and stole my whole res! Help!"

    That is why I voted no.
  17. Exactly...

    We have issues with players giving build as is....
    Things will only end badly when "hey new player, type /res pset illwilledplayer admin true and ill help you build your res up for free"
  18. Well, we haven't been burning griefers at the stake, that's part of the problem.
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  19. And lose new members because of griefing?
  20. The current perms are silly enough with griefings etc.

    The King_Redbird griefing is a perfect example of that.