Add Direction to Waste Teleport Signs

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  1. Hello,

    Can you add direction functionality to Waste teleport signs (like frontier has)? I think this would help encourage people to use the waste more often and should be a quick win for you since you have most the code already.

    I really like to go back to the same part of waste each time I go mining, I know the land better, easy to find a body. There are certain areas I go to for trees or others I go to for sand... I know it resets, but having it for 3 months at a time would be pretty awesome.

    Please add directions to Waste and WasteN teleport signs.

    Thank you,


  2. This will also be a great step towards HQs for Empires. My outpost peeps can share a mine spot in the waste. /v to hq, grab quick supplies and walk over teleport...
  3. I already have a sign setup in my res assuming it would work this way. :) Boy was I surprised when it didn't!
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  4. +1, in full support of this one.

    It would most certainly help, especially us "teleport sign freaks" :)

    I can understand why they wouldn't of course; after all, the wasteland is a dynamic environment and could (theoretically) reset anytime. But yah, considering that we can already teleport ourselves everywhere using regular commands it seems somewhat odd that tp signs don't work this way.

    SO yeah, I also would like to see this feature!
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  5. I was thinking it would work like the frontier signs. I don't believe there should be any reason the spawn locations would change.
    I wasn't thinking it would let me select a specific block in the wastes... Just the spawn location (N, S, E, W...etc.)

    So this would be able to work even after a reset. (e.g. /waste C always brings me to the central waste spawn... I'm assuming even after a reset. So a similarly constructed sign would do the same.)
  6. Things that go BUMP in the night....
  7. This was probably deployed last night.
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  8. ooooo! Can't wait to try it, you rock.
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  9. I tried it with the sign I already had setup. It works! Yay!
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