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  1. Hey guys, Belac555 here I wanna know what achievements you guys are most proud of. This can be IRL or in EMC your choice. I'll start us off.

    I hold 2 world records and am trying for a third

    What about you guys? Can't wait to see the results
  2. I would have to say that my proudest achievement in game is my people. All my friends are just all a symbol of the memories I've created with them and the jokes that never stop coming. I'm currently planning more Minecraft related things, such as modernizing Nick's mall and building stuff on my own plots.. but for the most part that's what really matters to me in game. Oh, and my deer I built, gotta love my deer.

    For outside of Empire though, I would have to say that teaching myself to play guitar and sing pretty damn decent has got to be a really big thing for me. I've been singing since I have five and it's something I plan to do for the rest of my life and maybe create a career out of.

    Although yours are way cooler than mine, those are my achievements so far :p
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  3. Dope
    Listen yours are cool as well. We all have what makes us happy and if it does than dammit it is cooler then anything else. No matter what anyone says
  4. A few of my current achievements in real life include reaching the highest ranking in my dance company and being ranked 3rd overall in my class at school. :)

    On EMC, my greatest achievement is participating in the community. The first couple of years that I played here, I chatted a bit with some people, but I was never super involved and I didn't use the forums. Now, many people on EMC are my best friends, and I'm so very happy to chat and get to know all of you. It took a while to really find my place in the community, but I'm very grateful that I'm here. :)
  5. Awesome achievements guys~ ^^
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  6. I will read the rest and reply with my own later, but I just wanted to ask now: what do your world records entail? :p
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  7. Umm a little bit of money involved to get them. I created them so I think my total for all 3 with the supplies I had to buy is at like 100$.

    They also send me a plaque stating that I now have the world record
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  8. Look, now I have a world record too and it didn't even cost me anything.

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  9. good job
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  10. We still have no idea what the records are about. :p

    I think I will write my own three favourite achievements are separate posts, partly because I wouldn't like to be writing for all too long right now, and because I think I might be able to keep the thread going longer that way, and by bumping it with actual content instead of empty posts might encourage others to post achievements of theirs as well! :)
    The first one is coming up (that means I will likely double-post, but I think that is okay, for the sake of a well-organised post).

    Edit: Oops... 12 minutes later, and I'm still writing the introduction to my first achievement. xD
    Edit 2: Okay, so it took me 50 minutes to write the upcoming post. Oops, I had something else planned for this evening. :rolleyes: Oh well... this was fun! Thanks, belac, for giving me opportunities to write about my own accomplishments... isn't that the best thing to write about? ;)
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  11. 3. Operatio Ovis
    In secondary education I followed Latin and Ancient Greek. In first grade I only had Ancient Greek, and in second grade Latin got added to that. It quickly became my favourite subject in school. One day, I noticed yellow, thick paper lying in a shelf in the classroom. I decided to take a sheet of it, because it looked nice. When I had got it, I figured I would write some words I knew on it. I started with lupa, I think, which means wolf. Then I wrote ovum, which means egg. Then I thought "Hey, I can write a story about eggs". So over the course of a week or so, I wrote what I called bona ova, mala ova, or GESE, a parody of the Dutch soap GTST (which I haven't ever seen). It wasn't any good, but it was fun. I gave up on it when I started mixing up Italian, German and Latin (oops), but I did find it years later, and backed it up. :)
    In third grade, I decided I would give an iron bead heart I had made to a girl I liked for Valentine's day: CSA. To make sure it didn't look like I was in love with her (I actually wasn't anymore, at that point, but if I am not mistaken I had originally made it over a year earlier, when I still was, but I didn't dare giving it then!) I decided to make something for my other two best friends, OrangeDuck and born_ego, as well. For OrangeDuck I decided to write a story in Latin. I don't think I have that backed up, actually; I should ask OrangeDuck for it some time. As I recall it it was pretty good, but I haven't ever read it again when I knew the amount of Latin I do now, so there is probably a lot to be criticised about it. But it was a complete story, and pretty cute! I also included a secret message by using a pen to bolden some letters throughout the story: in other, t, e, a, m, and o. Hm, I hope she didn't think I was in love with her. Nah, I think it was fine. ;)
    However, after that I didn't write any more Latin for quite a while. When I had learnt all Latin grammar there was for me to learn, by the end of fourth grade probably, I felt like I should write another story, but I didn't know what about. In fifth grade I considered it again a few times, but the only ideas I had were either basing it on a roleplay born_ego, Jortus Maximus and I had or writing something for Latana, whom I was in love with at the time. The latter I figured I shouldn't do, as it would probably need to be poetry, and poetry is not at all my forte. :p The former, for whatever reason, I thought might not form a great basis for a story.

    The Making
    Near the end of fifth grade, eventually I decided that in fact, I should write a story on the roleplay I had had with my friends. It could actually make for an epic story, and I didn't have anything better! So I started writing, first on paper. It was a challenge to find words to use, as at school I have only learnt to translate Latin from Dutch, not the other way around! My teacher (or maybe my friend PayBack_TY?) sent me the link to a website that had a dictionary from English to Latin, but it wasn't too good. Using a combination of that, Google Translate, and my own Latin -> Dutch dictionary, however, I was able to get along well!
    After I had written a few lines, I paused for a while. It seems like that at the beginning of sixth grade, I decided to pick it up again, at which point I started working in a Google Docs document (so I can see what I did when even now, as Docs keep track of that!). Shortly before this I had had a lot of fun making up a lot of names and words that didn't yet exist in the Latin language, but did exist in my story. At my request, born_ego had sent me a summary of his view of the story of the roleplay, which I gladly followed, although I added some parts of my own (I had been part of it as well, after all!). I kept working on it until the end of November, when I had written about a paragraph and a half. Then I got busy with other things... studying for my exams, for example. ;) So for a while I didn't do anything on the story.
    In fact, I didn't resume writing until after I had graduated from high school! In the summer of 2017 I picked up the story again. Working on the story only about once per week, I did complete it within two months. I then met up with my Latin teacher, as school hadn't actually ended yet—I was out of school a couple of months early, because I had had my exams. She found a lot of mistakes, unclarities and things otherwise to be improved upon, and Google Docs tells me that in one session I made 82 edits! :eek:
    I decided I still wasn't done yet, however! I decided to translate my story into Dutch and English, to make more people able to read it, and because I thought it would be fun to do so. And so I did. At the very end of the summer vacation, my friend PayBack_TY visited me, and helped me improve a few small things. And then on August 23, 2017, I published the story!
    And this is the only of these three achievements that I can actually share fully: here's the thread, on EMC! :D

    Looking Back
    It's been a few years since I wrote the story. Every time I don't look at it for some time, its accomplishment is diminished in my mind. But every time I actually read through the story again, I think "Hey, this is actually quite impressive". Funnily enough, I still find strange mistakes in the Dutch and English translations every now and then. :p
    I actually used this story for something else, once: when I had a class about presenting, for one of the classes I had to present a story. I decided to use the story of Operatio Ovis, adapting it to be able to be told in an exciting manner. That was pretty fun. :)
    I don't know if I'll ever write Latin again. I went on to study Artificial Intelligence, but who knows, maybe, when I live long enough to have a midlife crisis, I will go back to university to study Greek and Latin Language and Culture. ;) But I am very glad that I have done this. I am proud of the achievement of writing a story in Latin. :) It may be fairly short and it is probably not much like the Latin that was written by the greats of the ancient world, but it's got some fun style figures in it and it is a nice read. :) Of course, the Dutch and English translations aren't nearly as impressive, but they make the project complete, by making the story readable by a lot more people. And of course they do demonstrate that I can write in English and Dutch as well. ;) Although of course the English and Dutch may sometimes be a bit woody because I wanted to keep as much of the Latin structure in as possible, I think the translations also are done quite well. :)
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