Accidentally Updated? Read this

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Joshyy, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. ill remove it
  2. Umm, I am missing the " previous version " Tab. I only have General, Sharing, Security and Custimize
  3. This is a very old thread, please look for the red text at the bottom to see if you should bump it or not
  4. Well, technically now the red text at the bottom is now your sig lol
    (And yes, I do know that you meant the text by the reply box)
  5. XD
    i see what you did there :cool:
  6. Sorry, I saw this on the 1.5 Update comments.
  7. This thread is still completely relevant to Windows 7, I assume you have Windows 8 SkyDragon?
  8. Windows Vista
  9. my only problem is that in the properties for my minecraft does not have a Previous Versions tab. So what do i do if i dont have that tab?
  10. What do i do since i dont have a Previous Versions tab in the properties for minecraft on my computer?
  11. trye
    d that and it siad no previouse versions available, now what?