Accidentally update for 1.5? Here's how to fix that.

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  1. Did you accidentally update in the past then have to wait until EMC updates? Tired of downloading mcdowngrader?
    Well, here's your solution. Today I am telling you how to downgrade your minecraft version on windows.
    Step 1: Open the start menu.
    Step 2: Type %appdata% into the search box.
    Step 3: Locate the .minecraft folder (should be near the top) and right click it.
    Step 4: Select "Restore to previous versions."
    Step 5: Find the previous minecraft version, select it, and click "apply."
    Step 6: PLAY EMC!!!!!!! :)
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  2. Already sort of a forum like this: just letting you know :p
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  3. Also, from my past experience, that tactic often fails to work, particularly if you mod your .jar
    prevention is better than cure
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  4. I agree. Its much better to practice safe jar backing-up.
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  5. I have like 5 .jars in my folder so I think I'm good.
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    • A fresh vanilla .jar
    • One with just Forge installed, for quick use of mods until better install later.
    • One essentially a modpack for another server I go on.
    • And my main .jar for everyday/EMC use.
    Yep, we good lol
  6. Is there any way i could do this if I deleted my bin folder trying to use mc nostalgia?
  7. I have never used mcnostalgia, try looking in the recycling bin to find the old bin folder.
  8. Wow, I've been downloading mods and other programs that download the old minecraft jars... I wasn't aware of this quick and easy shortcut, thanks :D
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  9. thanks foe the tip. I could not stand it and donwloaded the 1.5 update, but when i added my 1.4.7 jar back, MC would not load. I used your tip and restored to an earlier version of the bin folder from this morning and all is right as rain.
  10. When I click "Restore to previous versions", nothing happens.
  11. The only legal way to get a minecraft.jar is through the downloads page. Even archived files are protected in this sense.
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  12. Someone, please help.
  13. You must select a previous version to install. The easiest one is the one right before you updated.

    Magic launcher is what I use for all my mods. My jar just stays vanilla and the launcher just puts then where they are needed. You can also make certain folders that hold mods customized for a certain thing. I'm going to set up a 1.5 folder soon.
  14. I have all .JARS backed up from beta 1.0...

    I only just checked :eek: