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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by d1223m, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. Iv undertaken the random task of re-implementing Improved Chat and... improving it.

    There are several problems with this:
    * I dont like Java
    * I havent done any Java in maybe 16 years
    * I have no idea how to make a MC mod

    Saying that I have got MCP, decompiled the source. And have a sort of working cursor implementation in the chat input box.

    What I would really like to do is stick the source into github and maybe get some input from other EMC people with the desire to learn/help. The problem with that is how do I put just my changes into github? It seems more like I would have to put the whole decompiled source into github which is clearly breaking a whole bunch of laws.

    So my questions are:
    * Does anyone know how I can make this mod a collaborative thing?
    * Do you want to help out in some way?
    * Do you have any other advice? ( not "give up now" please :) )
  2. Ask improved chat author clear authorization for you to share the source as 'opensource' in order to impove it?
    Base youself (the code) in another chat mod that's 'opensource'?
    Hope you do great with it :p
  3. I have 1% of Java knowledge! :D
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  4. Sorry I have never tried a client side mod, and I learned Java like 7 months ago just to make plugins for EMC :)

    However I do have a request. A mod that makes chat into tabs and then places the messages in the correct window based on the prefix (T L S, Private chat, etc). Not sure how hard it would be, but it would be awesome!
  5. Can you help me code java? I've been trying to learn but failed in attempt. I would appreciate it, I want to make client-side EMC plugins mods! It would be much like Spout but exclusive for EMC.
  6. What other coding languages do you have experience in? I am still just trying to make sense of code by comparing originals with modified versions... I have yet to be able to actually create anything from scratch....
  7. Well, i could have a friend who makes plugins. It's all GUI based, it just asks and relocate each kind of chat (T,L,S...) package, i will ask him if he can help us :D
  8. Well my dad is a pro programmer and he taught me a bit but I still really suck.
  9. Hooray! I was thinking I would get a massive 0 replies to this thread but waking up this morning I have discovered all of these nice replies :D

    I actually decompiled ImprovedChat to see how it worked because I felt the documentation was slighty... lacking lets say. It couldnt do some of the things I wanted in the end and the code wasnt all that great so I ended up downloading MCP and just starting to hack my own with Improved Chat as a bit of a reference on how to get started. In the end Id prefer to make my own open source version of a mod like this.

    I can program in several languages - Java isnt really one of them! Fortunatly when doing something like this you can peek at all all the other code and work out what you need to do. If you have other coding experience its definatly a bonus because programming to me is largely the same in any language - just different syntax and builtins.

    Ill gladly help anyone getting my code running so they can experiement.

    Dont worry this is definatly on my todo list - along with indicating which channel you are currently in so you dont end up saying the wrong thing in the wrong channel! (Also EMC will of course be my primary target for this mod :) )
  10. A little progress report...
    * Cursor movement in the input field (left/right, control+left/right, home/end)
    * Input history - (up/down to goto previous inputs)

    I shall try and get the code up somewhere today so we can all have a hack. In the meantime I suggest getting MCP from here and trying to get setup so that you can decompile and recompile the code. If you unzip the package you will find a docs folder with instructions on doing that much in it.
  11. I have the total of 0% in Java coding, it would be awsome to learn some coding skills!
  12. Iv been trying to work out how to share this mod on github or something. Unfortunatly the only way I can do it would be to create a patch against the original MC code and the guys MCP guys on irc are saying they would prefer I didnt do that because it would mean releasing a (albeit tiny) bit of MC code and that isnt allowed.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how I can share my changes that would be great. The only idea I have at the moment is a private code repo somewhere...
  13. I can try to help you a little on that d1. I just dont want to do it myself since I dont want to take responsibility for updating it with every patch. If I have time we could sit down together and you could give me a little quick instruction to set all up. I did Java programming for last 8 years here and there once in a while. And I guess some more practise will not hurt me considering I study that XD
  14. Setting it up was actually incredibly easy. The instructions in MCP were very easy for me to follow. The only difficulty I have is with the Java - Im currently working out how I would do it in any other language and then bashing away in Java until I find the right sort of syntax to do it :D

    I do way more typeless stuff like JS and Python so all this Java is annoying with its silly types I have no idea about.

    Ill happily send anyone the code I have at the moment - but all I can is send you a zip file as anything else seems to be against MCP/MC rules (which I can understand).
  15. I came onto here and I lost you at 'decomplied the source', I think I prefer LUA, Just type a line of words and it normally does something.

    Goodluck on this Mod D1223m :p
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  16. I read about Python for about 2hours. Then i made a REALLY simple progman. Is it "illegal" to put it here? As i would like to know that does it work for another persons too...
  17. If the entire program is written by you and not a copy of someones copyrighted work, then no it is not illegal.
    However, dumping it to github may be more practical...
  18. While I'm not sure I have the time to join in coding at the moment, I do have a request for a chat modification....

    I'd like to see a swear filter. Nothing fancy that tries to spot people avoiding the filter (that's for the Mods ;)), just something that greys out/obscures/replaces etc common bad words. It's just something I prefer not to see on my screen. I've played on servers in the past that auto-kick offenders and fine them a little in-game cash. I think it added a very short ban that increases every time you offend.

    Anyway, I may download some code and see if I have any skillz left in the dark recesses of my head, but don't count on it!
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  19. Hey, a while ago when that guy gingy1021 was trolling, he got into a conversation with me, and ignoring wouldn't work to stop him from PMing me, do you think you could implement something like a PM block? Because i didn't want to do /ch off, i was talking to another guy.
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