A World Where Being "Gay" Is The Norm

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  1. Hey guys, I recently watched this video where it hit me in the feels. This video is basically about today's society being reversed where being "Gay" is expected of you and being "Straight" is in the minority. It really does bring a different perspective to the way many people think. I am a heterosexual and I have always gotten confused on why people dislike homosexual human beings.
    Without further delay, here is the video. It is a year old (ish)
    Warning: This video may contain some scenes that may not be good for some people to see.
  2. I'm heterosexual and I think we should let homosexuals live their lives however they'd like. They're just like everyone else but they have a different 'opinion' for the lack of a better word.

    However, I think the message of this video is quite biased and extreme. In my opinion,The video, although sad, does not seem (to me) that it'd change a ton of people's opinion on homosexuality. But I could be wrong. In the video it shows everyone shunning heterosexuals and discouraging it, and attempting to force it away from the children. In today's society, or even 5 years ago no one would gather up and do this to a homosexual. Even if it were just a selected few that are this severely against homosexuality, kids wouldn't be compelled to attack someone over someone's sexuality. Children know hurting one another is wrong, and a child would almost never harm another over something like sexuality. Most kids at this age would NEVER take physical action towards homosexuals, or anyone at all. However, they make think it's odd, but the kid's behaviors are influenced by their parents.

    I think a dislike towards homosexuality occurs because one just "isn't used to it" and people don't like change. Adults need to adapt to change and stop filling a child's head with their own opinions. There's absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuality. People need to stop worrying about others and let them do their own thing.
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  3. Just a warning for the parts that may cause grief it is towards the end.
  4. I know, it's already broken several of my Frontier houses!
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  5. Thank you for ruining my day...

    This doesnt happen. Bullying isn't this harsh in most cases. I understand that people feel that way. But this kind of bullying is unrealistic and makes me sick to my stomach. Terrible video.
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  6. Being completely honest, I will let everyone have their own opinions, whether they be good or bad, and I won't say anything about them. I have my opinions in this, and so do other people, but I prefer keeping them to myself. Let's just not argue here, because it will never end up in a good situation.
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  7. If someone can make a relationship really work, thats an amazing thing. Go for it!

    I normally hate the effect that TV and media has over our society, this is one good thing though, they've been throwing in the token gay person(s) in reality shows for a while now. It's actually funny, they've gone a little overboard as most Americans think that 25% of the population is gay, where as it's less than 3%.

    It's also cool to realize how quickly mindsets have already changed around this issue. Where as my dad would of been beaten by his parents for being gay, I would of been met with some disappointment but eventual acceptance, my kid wouldn't be discouraged at all (intentionally) and his cousins will have 2 awesome moms. So as the cycle moves on, it's getting a lot better.

    Hopefully the cycle continues to more openness and not to my great great grand child being called a Breeder like in the video :)
  8. I believe the purpose of the video is to inform people about how unjust today's society is...minor differences cause people to dislike other people, which is wrong.
  9. It's just really sad how this is how the world works now. I mean, you always hear how in the past, if someone was openly gay, nobody would really give a crap about it and they would just move on, but now, I hear a lot from people about how when they comment on their preferences they get picked on for it and are given a hard time just because that isn't considered normal. I try to respect people as much as possible just to show that at least someone cares about what their life is like and at least someone isn't going to give them a hard time about it. I even see this a lot on YouTube, where people will get chewed out just for being gay, when in reality, they didn't do anything wrong to deserve that kind of treatment. That, to me, doesn't make any sense.
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  10. The only thing the video really exaggerates is the physical violence. With the invention of cyber bullying, physical bullying has declined. What we need to get out there is how very harmful cyber (emotional) bullying is. In its own way, it is a lot worse than physical bullying. With the world becoming so very 'plugged in' it can become impossible for victims of bullying to escape their aggressors. It can become a world of 24/7 torment. A world unto itself where bullies have impersonality, and a detachment from the realization that the person on the other end of the connection is a real person too.

    I was lucky to have not had to deal with bullying myself, growing up. I was happy to be friendly toe everyone and keep my eyes closed to the idea that bullying existed. For a long time in my world, it didn't. This is a dangerous mind set. It does happen, even if you aren't aware of it. Go to any government website and look at the statistics for bullying. It happens daily. It is dangerous, and we need to step up to stop it.

    As for the other topic of the video. Homosexuality. We are making strides in the right direction. Equality for all. There isn't much more to be said on the matter. Everyone, no matter what, deserves the same rights as everyone else. It doesn't matter who you are, no matter what you want your life to look like, you deserve to decide your own destiny.
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  11. I tend to be a very catholic person, so I just thought I would throw my two cents in from a religious point of view.

    I am sure everyone (or at least most) who is reading this is aware of the actions that the Roman Catholic church has taken against homosexuality. I personally am heterosexual, but in the end that has little to do with this. Anyways, the church has been pretty brutal towards homosexuality in the past few years because of the whole gay rights movement that was, and still is going on. They of course wouldn't do any marriages, they would even go so far as to not let them take communion or even not let them onto church property. This was part of the strong force against gay rights that we saw. Why did the church do it? I mean, the church is supposed to be good and holy and all to all people, right? True. And that is why there is no pardon for them to hide behind. As Christians we believe that it is a sin to be homosexual. It is a sexual sin, at the same tier as adultery, rape, and alike. (I might add that making sexual jokes is on this same tier while I am mentioning it). Same as every other sin, it is just a sin, and we believe that ultimately you will be forgiven for it if you know love.

    That is the church's perspective, now here is mine.

    I believe that as it is a sin, the same tier as all the other sexual sins, it should be treated no differently than say adultery or rape. But the church's job is to help sinners (people in general) to realize that they will be forgiven when the time comes. It is to teach us that we should not be sad or depressed because we know of the sins we make, it is to be joyful because we know love.

    In the end, I think that homosexuals should be treated as completely normal people, as that is what they are.

    To end it, a quote from Pope Francis from an interview where he was asked about his perspective on homosexuality:

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  12. Just a clarifying question, please nobody rip my head off or beginning arguments…I swear, my curiosity is going to get me in trouble some day.
    How can homosexuality be a sin if it's love? Or is it a sin that is automatically forgiven? I'm quite confused.
  13. It is best to not try to find logic in religion. By definition faith is the belief in something without proof or logic.

    Not saying this is a derogatory way. Just saying that doing so ends in endless circles of questions.
  14. A huge portion of this hate is spread through how a person is raised.

    My mother frequently told me as I was growing up,
    "I will love you no matter who you love. Regardless of skin color, sex, gender, interests or looks. As long as they love you, I will love them."

    I feel more people need to be taught this, love, rather than hate. I knew many people on high school who were flat out homophobic, with their only defense for it being "It's a sin" or "It's how I was taught/raised." In my opinion, that's not a valid reason to hate someone's lifestyle, or love life. It's "I've only ever known this, therefore it must be true."

    I feel like this video is accurate. I really truly do. People have not experienced this firsthand, and I feel like they can't really say "This focuses on "X" too much, which isn't true."

    A good portion of hate determines on location. Where I live, it's "trending" to be homophobic. It is the norm. Places outside of the US are either highly homophobic or highly accepting. The US is very unique with its half and half acceptance on the matter.
  15. I treat humans like humans, that is how I see people. But I must say, I am greatly worried by where our society is aiming itself.

    A simple question to those willing to answer honestly with what first comes to mind:
    You are a Caucasian male in this situation. What is more intolerant? Being annoyed by a group of loud Caucasian men at a restaurant and asking them to quiet down, or being annoyed by a group of loud minorities (gender identity, racial, cultural, etc) and asking them to quiet down.
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  16. I am sorry, I did not explain that portion.

    Catholics believe that homosexuality is a sin because God created man and women and intended them to be together, not men and men or women and women. It is really confusing and takes some context to understand sometimes, so don't worry about it.
  17. Better hop on the Feels train. I do agree however. People should not be tormented and teased over what they prefer (which may lead to what happened near the end of the video). I personally do not think it matters if someone is gay, straight, bi, etc. because they are still a person. A living, breathing person who has feelings. Nobody else should change what they prefer or want. And if you at one point felt like ignoring or hating on someone who has a different preference, remember that they are still a human, and that they probably want to feel accepted, not hated and tossed around like a toy.
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  18. In this context I feel it's "intolerant" of people as a whole to ask anyone to quiet down in a restaurant. You go out to eat for the social interaction. If a group is too loud or obnoxious, then the people who work at the restaurant will handle it accordingly. It's out of your hand to say something to that group, regardless of race or ethnicity.
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  19. http://poy.time.com/2013/12/11/person-of-the-year-pope-francis-the-peoples-pope/
    Here is a link to the Time Magazine person of the year page. The video will give you his thoughts on gay marriage etc (Gay marriage part 1:29 into the video). I had to right a speech on the pope so I do know a fair bit about his thoughts on gay marriage. He said "Who am I to judge". He has also invited homosexuals back into church and that they should feel welcome.
  20. This is (almost (it was assumed you would say something lol:p)) exactly what should be the answer, yet with today's media and various groups manipulating events/happenings to fit their individual agendas, equality has become a weapon. It is causing groups to live in fear. I go to a state university (about 50,000 students, I believe), with a very present equality movement. A group (non-equality based) of students earlier this year hosted a fiesta themed bowling event for incoming freshmen (IIRC). Students showed up and found, surprise, fiesta food and fiesta costumes. The day after the event, the university "president" himself emailed all students calling out the group's "inappropriateness" towards those of Mexican/Chicano decent, shaming them in front of the whole school, letting the school know that events like this will not be tolerated.

    That is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. This year has now had the lowest amount of student events in the past 10 years, and the stats students claim that the early shaming of this group to be a main cause. When a society has to live in fear of offending others so easily, the effect of the equality/rights movements are reaching dangerously far.

    As for others not accepting "gay" people, I think it is based off of their early interactions with them, not the ideals that they are being raised on. I will admit, in late-middleschool/ early-highschool, I found gays to be annoying and I didn't like them. But now, after working with them in the workplace, in class groups, and having good friends that are gay, I can say that in my case, society's view/my parent's views (which happen to be quite liberal) had nothing to do with my own old views. The first gays that I came into contact with were the very flamboyant, loud, obnoxious, type of people. People is the keyword here. Annoying people are annoying, right? So when a younger teenager is exposed to what appears to be a group with one characteristic, that is how they see them. That fact is, I dislike annoying gay people just as much as I dislike annoying people of any type.

    I feel that the movements behind "accepting" gay people are just breeding a new form of intolerance. With their encouragement towards gays to become part of their "culture" (the individual movement's culture), they are exposing many young, impressionable people to an annoying "culture." This "culture" is made by the very vocal groups, not the quiet groups. I think that the only way for people to accept other humans as equal humans is to show them everything we have in common. By having one dominante, vocal culture always on the news, in the media, and in people's mind, you are breeding a while new polarization of fear and intolerance.

    The issue I have with the gay "culture" movement is just that, the gay "culture." Why? Because there is no gay "culture", they are just as multicultural as every other human. By having one "culture" dominate what impressionable people are exposed to, we are just creating a new problem.

    //I'm sorry this post is so scatterbrained.
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