7 days exactly.

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  1. Until I go back to school. It's been an awesome summer guys.

    I think i'll have to leave the EMC Olympics in the dust :( I don't have the time for it right now. I have a busy week ahead of me and when school comes I won't have any time.

    So yeah... I'll enjoy my last few days of summer before I go back to the building of hell.
    Annoying people.
    And teachers that just don't get me and give me detentions for no reason and talk crap about my family.
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  2. Wow. What a messed up school.
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  3. As for bullies dont let them get to you man. They're being jerks now because they know they'll be working for you later. ;P We will all miss you till you have time to play again. Good luck with school!
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  4. They're racists. They don't like me because i'm quarter mexican, spanish, irish, welsh and English. What is up with that?
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  5. What's detention? I've heard that term on T.V but no idea of what it is exactly.
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  6. Nah, it's just because I can be friends with their crushes and they can't even speak to them :p

    I have 1 friend who is a boy and the rest of my friends are girls :p People call me a homo, I just tell them I have a nicer personality.
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  7. When people go home, if you've done something bad you have to stay and do more boring work for one hour more.
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  8. Detention is that thing u get where u have to sit in a room for punishment. And the racists are jerks cause they dont know how to treat ppl.
  9. You generally have to come in after school due to 'misbehavior', intended as a punishment...
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  10. Just good with women or dont like women?
  11. Oh cool! Neat ancestry btw. As for the racist part…don't listen to them. I'm Asian so I get a lot of comments like that but you just keep moving. It's annoying but it works. ;)
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  12. Just good with 'em xP
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  13. Asians FTW!
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  14. Racist. Be nice to our Asian friend
  15. Sounds awful..

    As for here in this country thing there aren't many cases of bullying. They don't bother you and stuff, they just get guns,knives or just pile (Like many people punching/kicking you at the same time) you to death.
  16. They have that in my school too, but "Most uneventful town ever" spreads into school too. When there might possibly be 3 remaining bullies with no friends in my school. I think I actually live in a fantasy world sometimes...
  17. Thanks. :)
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  18. ?
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  19. Im in private school and all the jerks in my school were expelled(banned) so my school is so very quiet and polite and I love it. They harrased me for 3 years of my life and no one would stop them. So now my last 2 years of highschool i can live without waking up every morning thinking how I was gona get through that day. Hows that for bullies?
  20. Not what i thought he ment lol