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  1. 5k Posts!
    I've reached a "landmark" of sorts on the forums. This post will be my 5,000th. As a mini-celebration, I will be doing a small giveaway. No wall of text, no "penguin history," just a giveaway. And an AMA, but the giveaway is the main part. All info is below.

    AMA and Giveaway
    All you have to do to be entered into the giveaway is ask me a question. Any question will do. The question cannot be a repeat/very similar to a previously asked question. One entry per person, but you can ask as many questions as you would like. I will draw three winners two weeks from now.

    What will you win, you ask? It's not much, but hey, it's free stuff. Don't complain. =P
    First place: 30,000r
    Second place: 20,000r
    Third place: 10,000r

    1. Defne_The_Boss
    2. Kytula
    3. Dragonhawk32
    4. Deadmaster98
    5. slash14459
    6. georgeashington
    7. Patr1cV
    9. Jelle68
    10. clan23
    11. Scr0craft
    12. chocolate800
    13. FDNY21
    14. FWRonald
    15. LEORYAN10
    16. boozle628
    17. AyanamiKun
    18. bitemenow15
    19. AverageWalrus
    20. DubChef
    21. f_Builder_s
    22. L3A8
    23. cadenman2002
    24. cj12115
    25. Qwerty189
    26. harsh900
    27. Gawadrolt
    28. EquableHook624
    29. Petero555
    30. BlackKnight1021
    31. BabyCreepersRule
    32. KarateKitKat
    33. LOCHLAN9
    34. 607
    35. Rainbowpony100
    36. thistle_bristled
    37. Gearmaster09
    38. LtCaptainMe
    39. porphos
    40. hashhog3000
    41. Dj__Krazy
    42. poofasaurus
    43. Dr_Chocolate14
    44. ChamelonNYC
    45. tuqueque
    46. EnderMagic4
    47. ThaKloned
    48. nuclearbobomb
    49. Luckypat
  2. What would you do if I threw a balloon at you? :D
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  3. I would eat it. Because free food.
  4. What's your favorite minecraft block?

    And congrats on the landmark! Thanks for the giveaway ^_^ very sweet of you.
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  5. How long have you been a nub?
    Congrats on 5k!
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  6. Since June 22, 2012. However, I just realized I was a nub 37 days ago. And thank you.
    Hmm... that's a hard one. I'll have to say sandstone, but quartz is a close second.
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  7. If some random stranger gave you a slap to the face, what would be your reaction and why? :)
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  8. Is hashhog3000 actually your secret alt?
  9. If you had to choose between a dragon egg or 2 mil worth of other smaller promos which would you choose?
    Also, congrats on 5k posts!
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  10. Do you eat fire extinguishers?

    Congratz on 5000! :)
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  11. Why u nub?
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  12. first: congratz :D
    second, how can you be make such much posts? I'm just posting pritty much I think, but I haven't got such much more as 1000...
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  13. I am hashhog's alt. (not really; it was a troll)
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  14. Do you even DJ bro?
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  15. Definitely the dragon egg.
    Doesn't everybody...?
    Nub is a way of life.
    I'm not entirely sure. :p I just stalk the forums a lot.
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  16. Um... I'd want to him them back, but chances are they're an adult so I'd probably do nothing. :p
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  17. What really got you involved of the contribution team? What were your planned attentions? What makes you a god at pvp? Why don't I see you on mumble when your in game? Do you like me as a person? Why are you always the first person to comment on suggested ideas?

    Those are my questions :p
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  18. I am best dj evar
  19. Since this is an AMA, the obligatory question:

    Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or one hundred duck-sized horses?
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  20. Why is your current profile a pig? :confused: I thought it would be some sort of Penguin :p
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