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  1. I so want to answer these but I fear I'd lose about 50 trillion brain cells doing it.
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  2. The please no anything but this :(
  3. My first reaction (didn't watch the whole thing): why does a small group of people think they can speak on behalf of a whole race?
  4. I can't actually watch this whole video, cringe is too much.

    All I can say is Buzzfeed does it again, and will continue to make horrible content. Lol.
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  5. Buzzfeed, I can think of a few thousand or so reasons why I don't like them.
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  6. they don't care about making good content or promoting understanding between cultures, they make trash videos that play on stereotypes to get dat ad revenue. absolute bags of s*** tbh
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  7. So this is why Zefrank stopped making funny true facts about videos. Just disappointing :c
  8. Please change the title to "33 Reasons why I hate Buzzfeed (#27 WILL SHOCK YOU)" in order for maximum clickbait.
  9. But Buzzfeed quizzes....
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    1. Nobody cares if you want pumpkin all the time. If you want to do that just go buy some. Nothing's stopping you.
    2. Why can't white people dance... I mean, I don't know about you, but I've seen white people doing some pretty crazy dances - usually things that are traditions of the country they're born into.
    3. I'll have you know I don't get annoyed at other people not speaking English. I've seen people arguing on the bus in Arabic. Nobody stopped them. The only scenario I can think of where people would be annoyed at an immigrant not speaking their native language is when they need to speak English to someone who doesn't know their language. Or if you, say, moved country and your friends knew English but spoke all of their conversations in their language and it confuses you.
    4. I have never seen anyone brag on Instagram that they want to a 'cool, authentic cultural festival', but I like she says 'even though we went with all of our white friends'. Yes because white people can't have culture! Those traditions Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, England, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, the Vatican City, and Wales hold so dear aren't a thing. You can totally ignore those.
    5. Why do white people spray tan until they turn orange... I mean, she has a point.
    6. "Why do you think because you've seen five seasons of The Wire you're a cultural expert"... nobody has ever said this.
    7. I do not believe everything I see on TV about other races.
    8. Nobody gets upset when a TV show has 2-3 people of colour on it. If they do they're a racist.
    9. I do not assume movies with white stars are more relatable than those with black people, but if I did, maybe it's because I'm not black and I grew up in an area with less than 100 black people in it?
    10. Viola Davis is the first black woman to win an emmy for best actress, because... I mean, I don't even know who she is, but, maybe it's because we just got out of like, a century of the civil rights movement and all that stuff.
    11. "Why can't we figure out how to make our own pop culture and slang, cool clothes"... Are you actually serious? How stupid do you have to be to ask this? What do you think most Western pop culture, slang and 'cool clothes' are?
    12. I dunno what a West Anderson is.
    13. People say thug life as a joke. Learn to take one you SJW.
    14. Nobody has anything against seasoning and spices. Here in the UK, we use those all the time.
    15. 'Why are casseroles our thing'... probably because the US is like, England 2.0 in a way and the English people could only really make casseroles with the land we've been given.
    16. Avoiding confrontation at all costs... what
    17. "Why is it crazy that I'm white and have a big butt"... because it isn't. I know lots of white people with big butts. You're not special.
    18. "Why is it a big deal when someone doesn't wanna hike"... no comment. This question is dumb.
    19. "Why do you keep talking about reverse racism, it's not a thing"... You're stupid. I want to punch this guy in the face. He's the one with the least brain cells in this whole video. If you're white you can't be subjected to racism... mmmkay.
    20. "Racism is about oppression, white people have not been oppressed." This guy is so stupid he doesn't know what the Irish civil wars, the Yugoslav wars, or the revolutions in Eastern Europe are. Maybe he also doesn't know what Scotland, Catalonia, Basque, Brittany, Ireland, Republica Srpska, Kosovo, are either.
    21. "Why are you too afraid to speak up when someone says something racist," I've never witnessed racism happening in front of me ever, and when I have it's been a joke between me, my friends, and my friend 'of colour'. If it did I would probably say something, and if I didn't, it would be because the racist could kill me by pushing me...
    22. "Why do we think that just because we have one black friend, nothing could ever be possibly racist"... Nobody has this thought process.
    23. "Why does being half-white make my commentary on culture half-true", because it doesn't. Your commentary on white culture isn't true at all, and it's not because you're half Mexican.
    24. "Why does Black Lives Matter mean that your life doesn't matter", I mean, that name isn't exactly clear on what the movement is about.
    25. "Why do you get offended when you see a table full of black people", Something tells me she's felt like this in the past because that has never happened to me.
    26. "Why do you ask for a white people club...", what the Hell is a white people club.
    27. The success of people of colour is a threat to nobody, and nobody sees it like that.
    28. "You know 2 minutes of a video about white people isn't reverse racism, right?"... oh, really? Cool! I'll go make a video calling out the various racist words for the people across Europe and see how people react.
    I gave that my best shot.
    Looks like I missed a few questions. Probably for the best.
  10. Ugh. I've never seen BuzzFeed make something good yet, I watched their videos for a little after they popped up in recommended, but they were all bad to terrible and the more I watched them the more they showed up so I stopped watching them completely.
    It's... I don't even know what it is. High-quality click-bait. But nothing more than that. It looks high-quality because they use good lightning and good cameras, but the content... bah.
  11. Stereotypefeed
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  12. Because its Buzzfeed and they seem to think they speak on behalf of everyone.

    I also recall seeing something on their UK website telling people to 'let the Welsh language die' (not sure if that's my brain making stuff up for me but it's something they would actually do) because 'black people have oppression of their culture worse'. Like what lol.
  13. Seen this video twice, laughed at every question and now have a solid hate towards people in general. Thanks Buzzfeed! :D
  14. Buzzfeed is internet cancer. You're better off just blocking their website completely.
  15. I never really liked Buzzfeed in the first place. Except for the quizzes and cute animal stuff. That's the only good thing about them.
  16. I watched 2 minutes. I think I'm now significantly dumber than I was a few minutes ago.
  17. I legitimately reported the video for hate speech lol. Not that it will do anything.

    If this video had been about black people, they would be getting hate left and right. Right now all they have is an enlarging dislike to like ratio because LeafyIsHere covered the video and his fans will always go and dislike bomb the videos he covers.
  18. I'm rolling right now as much from the video, as from this thread :):)

    As much as I hate buzzfeed, ya'll need a google.

    Answer Key:
    You're not *actually* supposed to answer those questions. They're asked tongue-in-cheek